API Documentation | Snapshot

The Snapshot API endpoint allows you to retrieve PNG images of shared resources such as shared graphs, shared dashboards, and shared worksheets. Use this API with a GET call including query parameters that describe the shared resource. The response will include a base64-encoded PNG image of the shared page as it appeared at the time of the request.

Note: This is currently a beta API endpoint and is subject to change without notice.

Note: Currently, Dashboard widgets configured for streaming data will appear as blank widgets on shared Dashboard images.


Fetching Data

To fetch a PNG image of a shared resource, perform an HTTP GET request to /snapshot including the following required query parameters:

The type of shared resource, one of 'dashboards', 'graphs', or 'worksheets' (plural)
The uuid of the shared resource
The access key of the shared resource

You can find the above elements for any shared resource by examining its URL. They are the last three path elements of the URL; e.g., for the following URL


  • type = dashboards
  • uuid = 36b5a748-5614-57f1-87e3-32ca709c9cza
  • key = JMbcvC
GET /snapshot?type=dashboards&uuid=36b5a748-5614-57f1-87e3-32ca709c9cza&key=JMbcvC
{"_type":"graphs","_key":"JMbcvC","_image":"... base64-encoded PNG image data ...","_uuid":"36b5a748-5614-57f1-87e3-32ca709c9cza"}