Check Types

Most Circonus checks are configured the same way; you enter a target host, make some tweaks to the advanced options, test, and finish. However, some of checks listed below are different enough that they warrant more detailed explanation.

Check Types Chart

This summary chart displays the header information from the section for each Check Type. Refer to the individual section for each Check Type for more detailed information about that Check Type.

Click on any Check name below to jump directly to the section for that Check.

Check Data Flow Default Port
Apache pull 80 for http, 443 for https
CAQL pull N/A
CIM pull 5988
CloudWatch pull 443 (not configurable)
Collectd push 25826 (not configurable)
Composite pull N/A
CouchDB pull 5984
Custom pull N/A
DHCP pull 67
DNS pull 53
Elasticsearch pull 9200
External pull N/A
Ganglia push 8946
Google Analytics pull 443 (not configurable)
HAProxy pull 80
HTTP pull 80 for http, 443 for https
HTTPTrap push 43191
IMAP pull 143
JMX pull as specified, between 0 and 65535
JSON pull or push (see HTTPTrap) 80 for pull, 43191 for push
Keynote pull 80 for http, 443 for https
LDAP pull 389
Memcached pull 11211
Microsoft SQLServer pull 1433
Momentum pull 2025
Mongo DB pull 28017
Munin pull 4949
MySQL pull 3306
NewRelic pull 443 (not configurable)
NGiNX pull port of NGiNX server
Node Agent (NAD) pull 2609
Node Windows Agent pull 2609
NRPE pull 5666
NTP pull 123
Oracle pull 1521
Ping pull N/A
POP3 pull 110
PostgreSQL pull 5432
Redis pull 6379
Resmon pull 81
Riak pull 8098
SMTP pull 25
SNMP pull 161
SSH2 pull 22
statsd push 8125
TCP pull as specified, between 0 and 65535
Varnish pull 81
Windows Agent pull 34332

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