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Previous implementations of search within Circonus were based in the PostgreSQL database that holds metadata about all the objects in Circonus, including the list of available metrics. Version 3 moves searching away from Postgres and into the IRONdb time-series database that is the ultimate authority for all things metric storage. This move empowers the Circonus UI to make use of all of IRONdb's powerful tagging support.

At this time, only metric searches use this syntax. All other object types, such as Checks, Alerts, etc. are searched using the existing V2 syntax.

Searching Metric Stream Tags

If you are supplying stream tags on the metrics you submit, you can search on them using an expression that matches one or more tags. Expressions may be a literal category:value for exact matches, a regular expression, or a glob (wildcard) match string. You can use different types of expressions for the category versus the value, as well (see below).

Pattern Expressions

Patterns can be used in the category or the value, or both.

Regular Expression Patterns

Regular expressions follow the Perl-Compatible Regular Expression, v2 (PCRE2) syntax, and are enclosed in / /:

  • /category regex/:/value regex/

Glob Patterns

Glob patterns use * as a wildcard, and can be used as prefix or suffix completers or to identify a substring match:

  • categ*:value
  • category:val*
  • *egory:*alu*

Logical Operators

Matching tags may be added to or excluded from the result set based on the Boolean operators and, or, and not.

Both and and or accommodate a single expression as well as a comma-separated list of expressions:

Query Description
and(foo:bar) exactly foo:bar
and(foo:bar,baz:quux) all of foo:bar and baz:quux
or(foo:bar,baz:quux) any of foo:bar or baz:quux

The not operator may only contain a single expression:

  • not(other:thing)

Operators can also be grouped for more complex queries:

  • and(and(*:thing),not(other:thing)) : All things except other:thing

Built-In Tags

There is a set of synthetic, "built-in" tag categories that appear for all metrics, regardless of whether they were submitted with any other tags:

Category Description
__check_broker Name of the broker on which the check runs
__check_bundle_id ID of the check_bundle
__check_id ID of the check
__check_module Name of the broker module that implements the check type
__check_name Name of the check
__check_target Target of the check
__check_uuid UUID of the check
__name Metric name

Tag Search Examples

Basic Examples

Query Description
and(app:myapp) Category is app, value is myapp
and(region:us-east-*) Category is region, value starts with us-east-
not(env:dev*) Elide tags where category is env and value starts with dev

Using The Built-In Categories

Query Description
and(__check_broker:Chicago, IL, US) All metrics on all checks that run on the broker "Chicago, IL, US"
and(__check_bundle_id:1234) All metrics on all checks in the check bundle 1234
and(__check_id:5678) All metrics on check ID 5678
and(__check_module:json) All metrics on all checks that use the json module/type
and(__check_name:My Check) All metrics on all checks named "My Check"
and( All metrics on all checks having the target
and(__check_uuid:c0702928-5242-4939-a23c-b3fb5902b8a1) All metrics on the check whose UUID is c0702928-5242-4939-a23c-b3fb5902b8a1
and(__name:foo) All metrics named foo

Regular Expression Examples

Query Description
and(app:/^(my|your)app$/) The value begins with my or your, followed by app
and(region:/^eu-west-[12]$/) Value is eu-west-1 or eu-west-2
not(env:/^dev/) Elide tags where category is env and value starts with dev

Combining Expressions Examples

Query Description
or(__name:foo,__name:/^bar/) Metric name is either foo or something that starts with bar
and(app:myapp,env:stage) Has both app:myapp and env:stage
or(and(app:myapp,env:prod),and(app:yourapp,env:stage)) Has both app:myapp and env:prod or has both app:yourapp and env:stage
and(and(app:myapp),not(env:dev)) Has app:myapp but does not have env:dev
and(__check_id:5678,app:myapp) Metric is part of check 5678 and is tagged app:myapp
and(__check_bundle_id:1234,app:*) Metric is part of check_bundle 1234 and is tagged in the app category

Advanced Explorer

The advanced metrics explorer tool exists to help with learning how the new V3 Search works. On the Metrics Explorer page, clicking the "Adv" button at the right end of the search bar opens the Advanced Explorer, which will help you learn how to construct advanced tag search queries.

Image: 'advanced_metrics_explorer.png'

For the primary field (Metric), a bare query term, e.g. foo, foo*, or /^foo/ may be entered to search for metric names. A search may be refined by entering terms in one or more additional fields. For example, entering available in the Metric field and in the Target field would result in the query:

available and(__check_target:

Which would locate any metric named available on a check whose target is

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