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Below is a list of the newest features and enhancements in the current production build of Circonus. Please check our "features" section for more information on the full Circonus feature set or our pricing page for detailed package information. If you would like to stay updated on the newest Circonus features as soon as they're released, use the RSS feed (click the orange icon above).

changes for: 2017-Sep-11

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed mousewheel and touchpad support for Histogram Summary graph display mode.
  • Added basic styling to Dashboard HTML Widget content (paragraphs and lists).

changes for: 2017-Aug-14

New Features

  • Added Histogram Summary Display Mode to Graphs

    Now when looking at Graphs (including on Worksheets and Dashboards) in addition to the standard and streaming modes, there's a new display mode: histogram summary. Switching to this mode will display bar histograms of all histogram and numeric datapoints in the graph, summarized across the current date range.

changes for: 2017-Jul-28

New Features

  • Make CheckBundle Notes Editable To The UI

    Now when you want to makes notes about a Check, you can create them from the Checks page or Check Details page.

changes for: 2017-Jul-26

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed text widgets on Dashboards so that they update properly in realtime even when showing multiple metric values in a single widget.

changes for: 2017-Jul-12

Improvements (1)

  • Sort Metric Page Grid View Titles Based on 'Sort By' Selection

    Now, when you sort by the search order filter, you will see the Layout Options update the Grid Title Format field to reflect your new search order.

changes for: 2017-Jul-04

Improvements (1)

  • Advanced Search Builder Now For Metric Clusters Queries

    Now when using Metric Clusters Queries in the web interface, the new 'ADV' option in the search field will drop down an advanced search builder to help you easily build complex Metric searches.

changes for: 2017-Jun-24

Improvements (1)

  • Easily Create Clusters From Metric Searches

    Now when searching on the Metrics page, the new 'Create Cluster' button will allow a Metric search to be transformed into a Metric Cluster easily.

changes for: 2017-Jun-02

Improvements (2)

  • Graph Datapoint Minimum Resolution Changes

    Now when setting the minimum resolution on a graph datapoint, there are some new choices for high-resolution data (1m, 30s, 10s, & 1s).

  • Intelligent Rendering of High-Resolution Data

    Now when you're zooming into a graph far enough to view high-resolution data (with periods shorter than 60s), the graph renderer will make more intelligent guesses as to the period of your data to avoid rendering gaps in the data incorrectly.

changes for: 2017-Jun-01

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed support for temporarily disabling/re-enabling datapoints while viewing a graph, without the datapoint disappearing from the legend when also changing the date range.
  • Fixed graph support for the 'remember date view separately' option (in the date tool options menu).

changes for: 2017-May-18

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed support for the minimum resolution setting on Metric Cluster datapoints in Graphs.

changes for: 2017-Apr-24

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug with aggregated Metric Cluster datapoints on graphs, where if a Cluster including text datapoints was being aggregated, the text datapoints were included in the aggregation calculations, resulting in interface and rendering errors.

changes for: 2017-Apr-11

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug with Rules for text metrics, where changing to or from the 'is present but changes' criterion wouldn't correctly set the state of the corresponding 'value' field.

changes for: 2017-Mar-29

New Features

  • Instant Slack Sharing

    Now in addition to the normal sharing of Graphs, Worksheets, Dashboards, and Outlier Reports, you can instantly share these items in Slack (as PNG snapshots) with the click of a button. To enable this new feature, you must have a Slack SSO login added to your Circonus user profile, and your Slack account administrator must add the Circonus Slack app. If you click the Slack icon next to a 'share' button in Circonus, you will get instructions on how to get everything set up.

changes for: 2017-Feb-28

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed Contact Groups with HTTP or IRC members, which would create extra junk members whenever the Contact Group was loaded and saved in the UI.

changes for: 2017-Feb-21

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed Metric Cluster aggregation in Graphs to allow geometric mean calculations on negative values.

changes for: 2017-Feb-03

Improvements (1)

  • Inactive Metric Visualizations

    Now on the Metrics page, even inactive (disabled) metrics will have visualization graphs rendered, so users can still review previously-collected data stored in those metrics.

changes for: 2017-Jan-09

Improvements (1)

  • Help & Support Dialog

    We have added a Help & Support dialog so you can easily submit a new Support ticket and search our Knowledgebase from within the app itself.

changes for: 2017-Jan-06

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed the Contact Groups page so tags display correctly in the details block.
  • Fixed the Rulesets page to allow 'on change' rules to be saved properly.


changes for: 2016-Nov-07

New Features

  • Outlier Reports

    Outlier Reports are a new analytics visualization based on Metric Clusters. Each Outlier Report analyzes a cluster of metrics and shows a graph of standard behavior and outliers which don't match the group analysis.

changes for: 2016-Nov-03

New Features

  • Set Maintenance on All Alerts

    Now if you want to set maintenance on metrics, checks, or hosts related to the Alerts on the Current Alerts page, you can do so for multiple alerts simultaneously without leaving the page.

changes for: 2016-Oct-31

New Features

  • Contact Group Usage Replacement

    If you need to replace one Contact Group with another, you no longer have to go to every individual Ruleset, Ruleset Group, etc. and do the replacements manually. Now each Contact Group has a new 'Replace Usage' menu item which lets you do all the replacements in one easy step.

changes for: 2016-Oct-27

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed the graph sharing dialog so that overlays on the graph show up again to be chosen for shared graphs.

changes for: 2016-Oct-17

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Hovering Datapoint Selection

    We have inverted the graph behavior for selecting datapoints by hovering over them. Instead of a graph being unlocked by default and the user clicking it to lock their selected datapoints, now the graph is locked by default. To hover over datapoints and select them as highlighted, hold down the s key. While you're depressing the s key, you can hover over datapoints to select them and release the key to lock in your selection(s).

changes for: 2016-Sep-27

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed some Annotation Timeline rendering bugs.
  • Fixed the Annotation Timeline so that when you ALT+click drag or right-click drag to create a new Annotation, a right-to-left drag shows the proper highlight (the same as a left-to-right drag).

changes for: 2016-Sep-23

New Features

  • Forecasting Dashboard Widget

    With this new Dashboard widget, you can forecast the time remaining until a metric hits a preset threshold. Both the metric usage and target threshold may be defined by CAQL statements.

changes for: 2016-Sep-15

New Features

  • Overlays for Dashboard Graph Widgets

    Now when setting up a Graph widget on a Dashboard, you can choose any overlay set from the graph to be rendered automatically.

Improvements (1)

  • Show the Future in Dashboard Graph Widgets

    Graph widgets now have a new setting. In addition to setting a widget to show a past amount of time (e.g. the past 5 days or the past 6 weeks), you can also set it to show the upcoming future (e.g. the next 2 weeks or the next 1 month). This enables Capacity Planning overlays to be useful (see the new 'Overlays for Dashboard Graph Widgets' feature above).

changes for: 2016-Sep-14

New Features

  • Shared Snapshots

    Now in addition to the normal shared Graphs, Worksheets, and Dashboards, you can share these items as PNG snapshots. Each shared version now has an additional URL which will render this snapshot when loaded. PNG snapshots can also be pulled through the API.

changes for: 2016-Aug-31

New Features

  • CAQL Checks

    We have a new type of check: the CAQL Check! Circonus Analytics Query Language (CAQL) allows users to create new metrics from combining or performing analytics on other metrics. CAQL Checks are in public Beta; you’ll find them under the “Custom” heading when you create a new check.

  • See What's New in Circonus

    Whenever features are added or improved, we will highlight them with notices in the app itself. Once you dismiss a notice, you won't see it again, although you can always use the System Help menu to see What's New on the current page, including notices you've dismissed.

changes for: 2016-Jul-15

New Features

  • Metric Units

    Now units can be assigned to metrics to help make sense of the data you're seeing! These units will show up in graphs, and if all datapoints on a Y axis are using the same units, the units will be shown in the upper corner of the graph next to the axis for easy reference.

changes for: 2016-Jun-03

New Features

  • Taggable Metrics

    Now metrics are taggable items. Previously, metrics inherited their check's tags and were only searchable by them. Now metrics have their own tags and are searchable by either their own tags or their check's tags.

changes for: 2016-May-26

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed shared Worksheet layouts with more than or fewer than three columns.

changes for: 2016-May-25

Improvements (1)

  • Improved System Dashboard

    The default system dashboard has been redesigned. Now it gives a quick summary of items under your account and provides some commonly-used action buttons, including instructions for adding a host to the system via our new Circonus One Step Install.

changes for: 2016-May-18

Improvements (1)

  • Printable Dashboards, Graphs, and Worksheets

    Our print stylesheets have been cleaned up, so you can now print Dashboards, Graphs, and Worksheets using your browser's print capabilities.

changes for: 2016-May-17

Improvements (1)

  • Capacity Planning Overlays Time-Shift

    Now when a Capacity Planning overlay is added or loaded onto a graph, the viewed date range will be automatically expanded into the future if it was not already.

changes for: 2016-May-12

New Features

  • Google and GitHub Single Sign-On Support

    Now you can log into your Circonus account with your Google or GitHub credentials.

Improvements (1)

  • Histogram and Numeric Data Collection Exclusivity

    To reduce confusion, numeric metrics are collected now as either histogram data or standard numerical average data, but not both simultaneously.

changes for: 2016-May-09

New Features

  • Mousewheel & Touchpad Support for Graphs

    Now you can use your mousewheel and scrolling touchpad gestures to quickly pan and zoom around graphs. See the Keyboard Shortcuts help overlay for full details.

changes for: 2016-Apr-26

Improvements (1)

  • Advanced Search Builder Now Available in More Places

    The Advanced Search Builder, which previously was only available on the main list page search fields, is now available in more places. It's now also available on the search fields in the Edit Graph Add Metric and Add Metric Cluster panels, the New Ruleset Select Metric panel, the Worksheet Add Graph panel, and the New Blueprint Select Graph panel.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed broken pagination links in the Worksheet Add Graph panel.

changes for: 2016-Apr-19

New Features

  • Account-Wide Streaming Metrics Playback Toggle

    This new account setting allows an admin to disable the playback of streaming metrics across the entire app. If disabled, graph streaming playback controls will not be available, and streaming Dashboard widgets will have their update frequency fixed at “automatic.”

changes for: 2016-Apr-14

Improvements (1)

  • More Metric Cluster Members Shown on Graphs

    Previously, when a Metric Cluster was added to a Graph, only the first 250 of its member metrics were shown. Now that default limit has been boosted to 1000, and a new graph option has been added to allow users to boost it even higher if they wish (with the noted caveat that performance will be degraded).

changes for: 2016-Apr-13

New Features

  • Persistent Legend Keys for Dashboard Graphs

    In addition to showing full legends upon hovering over them, dashboard graph widgets can now show persistent legend keys over top of the graphs, beside them, or below them.

changes for: 2016-Apr-06

New Features

  • Global Dashboard Graph Date Controls

    Now each dashboard graph widget can be set to use its own date settings (like before), or it can be set to "Use Global Dates." If any graph widgets are set to use the global dates, a datetool will appear at the top of the dashboard to allow global control of dates for those widgets which have that option selected.

changes for: 2016-Mar-01

Improvements (1)

  • Improved Metric Selection During Ruleset Creation

    Up 'til now when creating a new Ruleset, you had to use an autocomplete search dialog to choose the metric for the Ruleset. Now you will use the metric tree browsing panel (just like when adding a metric datapoint to a graph) and choose the metric that way.

changes for: 2016-Feb-24

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Bug fixed when trying to clone a ruleset; the Clone Ruleset dialog wasn't loading the proper set of metrics to choose from.

changes for: 2016-Feb-23

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Legend Metric Links

    Graph legends have previously had 'Check Info' boxes which provided quick links to each datapoint's check. Now those boxes also have quick links to each datapoint's metric, on the metrics page.

changes for: 2016-Feb-19

Improvements (1)

  • App-wide Graph Streaming

    The Graph streaming controls have been moved into new control trays situated at the right sides of all graphs; when you hover over a graph, its control tray slides out for easy access. This has the benefit of allowing streaming playback of any graph across the entire app.

changes for: 2016-Feb-12

New Features

  • Graph Hover Lock

    When you hover over a graph with your cursor close to a datapoint, that datapoint is highlighted. Now it's highlighted more prominently, and you can also click the graph to lock that state into place; you can tell it's in a locked hover state by the lock icon in the upper right corner of the graph. For graphs with many datapoints, this will help you zero in on the specific datapoint(s) you want to focus on.

    To enable this behavior across all graphs, a couple click behaviors have changed. First, when on the graphs list page or on a worksheet, you can no longer click a graph to go view that graph; now you have to click a graph's title bar to go view it. Second, on the metrics page in grid mode, you can no longer click a metric graph to select that metric for graph creation; instead, you have to click the metric graph's title bar.

changes for: 2016-Feb-02

Improvements (1)

  • Events have been renamed Annotations

    Events have always been called Annotations when working with the API, leading to confusion in our terminology. They are now called Annotations in the Web UI as well, to improve the consistency between UI and API terminology.

changes for: 2016-Jan-28

Improvements (1)

  • Graph actions are easier to find

    Up to now, working with graphs was tricky because certain actions like copying, deleting, exporting, and creating a blueprint were only available on certain pages. Now all graph actions have been made available in as many places as possible, across the view & edit pages, the graphs list page, and even worksheets.

changes for: 2016-Jan-26

New Features

  • Advanced Search Builder

    To help with learning how the new search (v2) works, we've added an advanced search "builder". On supported pages, after expanding the search field you will see an "advanced" button to the right of the search field. Clicking this will expand the advanced search builder which will help you learn how to construct advanced search queries.

changes for: 2016-Jan-25

Improvements (1)

  • Metrics Page now uses grid-style layout by default

    The grid-style layout on the Metrics Page has proved very popular, so we're making it the default layout on that page. You may still manually switch to list-style layout using the layout options menu if you prefer that layout.

changes for: 2016-Jan-18

Improvements (1)

  • Date range pickers now support time entry

    Most date pickers which let you choose a date range (such as the graph date picker or the alert history export date picker) now have time entry fields so you can enter the start and end times for your specified date range.

changes for: 2016-Jan-05

Improvements (2)

  • Old Support page has been removed

    The old Support page (which was recently deprecated) has now been removed and links have been added pointing to our new support portal (

  • Moved some Contact Group actions to be under the item menus

    Under Contact Groups, the “Send Message” and “Send Aggregated Alerts” actions (which previously were buttons) have been moved to the item menus for consistency (the item menus are at the left end of each summary row…activated via the hamburger menu icon).


changes for: 2015-Dec-30

Improvements (2)

  • Added dashboard widget settings for hiding graph axes

    For graph widgets on dashboards, there are some new settings to let you choose to hide the axis labels for the X and Y axes.

  • Added keyboard shortcut to refresh static dashboard content

    Although a dashboard's static content automatically refreshes every five minutes, sometimes you may want to refresh it manually without reloading the entire page. Now you can, just press the ‘r’ key.

changes for: 2015-Dec-29

New Features

  • Histogram Aggregation Graph Overlay

    A new type of anayltics overlay has been added for use with graphs. The new Histogram Aggregation overlay (under Service Level Monitoring) will pull the data for each numeric datapoint and will display it as a histogram (note: this will always pull the highest granularity of stored data).

changes for: 2015-Dec-15

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Bug fixed when creating certain JSON-based checks. If SSL was indicated by the user entering 'https://' at the beginning of the 'host' field, the port was not being updated correctly (to 443).

changes for: 2015-Dec-14

Improvements (1)

  • Added inactive check warnings on rulesets and alerts

    Now when browsing the Rulesets page, any rulesets on metrics from inactive checks will be grayed out. Also, if a ruleset contains a rule which will continue triggering alerts due to its check's inactive status, you will see warning notices when you expand that ruleset's details. Similar warnings also now appear under alerts' details on the main Alerts page.

changes for: 2015-Dec-10

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Bug fixed on some worksheet graphs where special characters in graph titles were double-encoded.

changes for: 2015-Dec-09

Improvements (1)

  • Support added for exporting text datapoints

    Now when exporting graph data (from the View Graph page), text datapoints will be exported by default. However, due to the fact that text metric timestamps aren't synchronized to the numeric rollup timestamps, you may not always want to include text metric data every time you export. We have added a checkbox to the export dialog which lets you exclude text datapoints for more flexibility.

changes for: 2015-Dec-08

Improvements (1)

  • CAQL statement errors are shown contextually

    On a graph, when a CAQL datapoint has an error, an error icon is overlaid onto the graph in the lower right corner and will display the error(s) when clicked. This can be problematic if there are several CAQL datapoints with errors, so now any CAQL errors are also shown inline in error notices attached to the CAQL statement fields themselves.

changes for: 2015-Dec-02

New Features

  • Grid-Style Metrics Page Layout

    A new layout has been added for the Metrics page; now you can switch between list-style and grid-style layouts. The grid-style layout provides you with an easy to way view a graph for each metric in the list, and lets you click-to-select as many metrics as you want and easily create a graph out of them.

changes for: 2015-Nov-25

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Now whenever worksheets are refreshed automatically (every five minutes), the dates & times are updated to actually load the latest data, instead of just staying the same (and thus not updating properly).

changes for: 2015-Nov-16

Improvements (1)

  • Added keyboard shortcut to refresh a graph or worksheet

    Although graphs and worksheets automatically refresh every five minutes, sometimes you may want to refresh a graph/worksheet manually without reloading the entire page. Now you can, just press the ‘r’ key.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • On graphs, when looking into the future, certain actions which refresh the graph no longer cause the gray future background to disappear.

changes for: 2015-Nov-09

Improvements (1)

  • New Graphs can be started with any type of datapoint

    Now when you create a new graph, you don't have to start with a metric or metric cluster; you can start with any type of datapoint other than a guide.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • On graph metric cluster datapoints, we fixed the geometric mean aggregation when working with negative values.

changes for: 2015-Nov-04

Improvements (1)

  • Alerts Widgets can be filtered by multiple severity levels

    We have updated the Alerts Dashboard widget so now when you filter by severity level, you can select multiple severity levels.

changes for: 2015-Nov-03

New Features

  • New Searching

    A new search backend and slight changes in the syntax is now live and the default for users. Documentation on this new searching can be found here: Searching Version 2

changes for: 2015-Oct-20

Bug Fixes (2)

  • When on a graph with one or more overlays, we fixed the ability to drag-select a date range on the graph to zoom in.
  • When using a graph comparison overlay on a graph, hidden datapoints from the overlaid graph are no longer shown by default in the legend.

changes for: 2015-Oct-15

Improvements (1)

  • Users cannot set limits of a graph's logarithmic axis to 0

    We have added some basic checking to the UI to prevent users from being able to set zero (0) as the minimum or maximum of a logarithmic axis. Previously, if a user set zero as the min or max of a log axis, the graph would simply not render.

changes for: 2015-Oct-02

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed negative histogram rendering. Previously, negative histograms would either render incorrectly or in some cases, not at all.

changes for: 2015-Sep-28

New Features

  • Tag Filtering for Dashboard Widgets

    The Alerts widget and the Admin widget (in Hosts mode) now allow their contents to be filtered by tags!

changes for: 2015-Sep-22

Improvements (1)

  • Data rollup periods now shown in graph legends

    Now when viewing a graph, the legend column headers show the period of the currently used data rollup beside the current position date and time.

changes for: 2015-Sep-18

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Legends for Metric Visualization Graphs

    Now wherever you see metric visualization graphs (on the metrics list page, check details pages, or alerts list pages), a legend will appear when you hover over the graphs, allowing you to see historical metric values without having to leave that page.

changes for: 2015-Aug-26

New Features

  • Graph Datapoint Hover-Hiding

    Now when you're hovering over a graph and your mouse gets close to one or more numeric datapoint lines, only those datapoints' rows will be shown in the legend. If you would prefer to show all datapoints' rows in the legend, even when hovering near specific datapoints, there is a user preference to allow you to return to the old behavior.

Improvements (1)

  • Full Graph Legends for Dashboard Widgets

    The old flag-style legends for graph widgets have gone away—graph widgets now have standard legends.

changes for: 2015-Aug-24

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a rare bug where a graph wouldn't render if its maximum value was a small number, had large negative values, and had a y axis min that was also small.

changes for: 2015-Aug-20

Improvements (1)

  • Initial Values for Graph Legends

    Now when a graph legend is rendered it doesn't start without values; it's populated initially with the most recent values on the graph.

changes for: 2015-Aug-14

New Features

  • Metric Cluster-Backed Dashboard Charts

    For the chart and text dashboard widgets, you now can add metric clusters in addition to individual metrics. The clusters' component metrics are updated dynamically at render time.

changes for: 2015-Aug-06

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Future Time Indicator

    Now when a graph view is extended into the future, a subtle background color change will differentiate future time from past time.

changes for: 2015-Jul-28

Improvements (1)

  • Export Graph Histograms

    Now when graph data is exported from the View Graph page, histogram data is included (as JSON).

changes for: 2015-Jul-27

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug with publicly shared dashboards which prevented their content from loading.

changes for: 2015-Jul-16

New Features

  • New Overlays Interface

    For graph overlays, we have implemented a new interface with new overlay options and redesigned menus.

changes for: 2015-Jun-15

Improvements (1)

  • Dashboard Page Menu

    On the dashboard viewing page, the click-to-edit title action has been moved into a menu to the left of the page title, to be consistent with other detail pages across Circonus.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug with creating new dashboards where they were always created as private, not account dashboards.

changes for: 2015-May-26

Improvements (1)

  • System Help Menu

    Links to the keyboard help as well as user and API documentation have been added to a new system help menu which is accessible via the question mark bubble at the top right of every page in the application.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug with drag-selecting a graph to zoom into a custom date range, where if your mouse left the graph, the selection starting point would be reset.

changes for: 2015-May-22

New Features

  • Page and Item Menus

    For all list pages across Circonus, pertinent actions have been moved into menus which are located to the left of each item—there are no longer any click-to-edit items in the summary rows. On details pages (like Graph View & Edit, and Check Details), all click-to-edit titles have likewise been moved into menus to the left of the page titles, along with some other pertinent actions which were previously buttons.

  • API Object Access in the Web Interface

    For all objects which are accessible through the API, you can now use the new page and item menus to view the API Object JSON for that object, right in the web interface!

changes for: 2015-May-11

New Features

  • Interpolate Missing Data

    A new Interpolate setting has been added to numeric, composite, and metric cluster datapoints on graphs. This new setting means that a datapoint with gaps in its data will have those gaps covered with an interpolated dashed line, to differentiate that portion of the line from the solid line which is rendered from actual data. (Note: this setting is enabled by default on all new and existing graph datapoints.)

changes for: 2015-May-07

Improvements (1)

  • Updated Brokers Page Layout

    The layout of the brokers page has been updated, exposing IP addresses in the broker summary rows and changing how enterprise brokers' aliases are edited.

changes for: 2015-May-06

Improvements (1)

  • Dashboard Switching Menu Only Activates on Click

    Now, the dashboard switching menu (activated from the dashboard title when viewing a dashboard) will not activate on mouseover, only on click.

changes for: 2015-Apr-30

Improvements (1)

  • Feature Flags Moved to User Preferences

    Instead of having to visit a hidden page to toggle experimental, in-process, and developer-related features, these features are now in their own section on the user preferences page, along with a warning about the nature of these features.

changes for: 2015-Apr-23

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug where graph legend values wouldn't be updated correctly if you had two or more datapoints on a graph pointing to the same metric and using the same transform algorithm.

changes for: 2015-Apr-17

Improvements (1)

  • View Disabled Datapoint Values when Viewing a Graph

    Now when viewing a graph, there's a new legend options menu at the top of the legend. It contains an option to show disabled datapoints in the legend. This will show legend rows for disabled datapoints and will update their values when you hover over the graph, but the datapoint will still not be rendered on the graph.

changes for: 2015-Apr-15

Improvements (1)

  • Metric Selection for Dashboard Widgets

    Now for dashboard widgets where you select multiple metrics (Chart and Text widgets), you have two methods of selecting metrics. You can use the old method where you manually select metrics one by one, and now you can also search for a graph and automatically add all of that graph's compatible metrics at once.

changes for: 2015-Apr-09

New Features

  • Shared Dashboards

    Now you can share dashboards with people outside of Circonus! Dashboards have a new sharing dialog similar to the sharing dialogs for graphs and worksheets, allowing you to set default options and generate a shared URL which can be viewed by anyone.

  • Set Multiple Maintenance Windows Simultaneously

    The “New Maintenance Window” dialog on the Maintenance page now lets you set maintenance on multiple items simultaneously. When you search for a metric, check, check bundle, or host and then select one from the autocomplete menu, that item is listed below the search field and then you’re able to search for another item. Search for and select as many items as you’d like (of the same type), then set maintenance on all of them simultaneously.

changes for: 2015-Mar-31

New Features

  • Acknowledge All Alerts Dialog

    A new “Acknowledge All” button has been added to the Current Alerts page. When clicked, it provides a dialog for easily selecting multiple alerts on the page to be acknowledged simultaneously (all are selected by default).

changes for: 2015-Mar-25

New Features

  • Account Alerts

    The web interface now shows critical account-level alerts across every page when either billing or broker-related issues need to be dealt with immediately.

  • Annotation Timeline Smart Queries

    Now in addition to manually choosing event categories to show on a graph's annotation timeline, you can enter a smart query (using Regular Expression syntax) to match the event categories you wish to automatically show on the timeline.

changes for: 2015-Mar-19

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Annotation Timeline Improvements

    Now all graph annotation preferences (choices of what to show in the graph annotation timeline) are set on a per-graph basis instead of a per-user basis, so each graph can be set to automatically show a different set of annotations. Also, now event categories are not automatically selected to be shown on a graph (opt-out), but have to be specifically selected to be shown (opt-in).

changes for: 2015-Mar-17

Improvements (1)

  • Metric Cluster Datapoint Improvements

    Now when working with metric cluster datapoints, you can reorder them and can edit their titles (NOTE: the title is only shown when editing or when using an aggregation function).

changes for: 2015-Feb-05

Improvements (1)

  • Custom Title Labels for Graph Dashboard Widgets

    Now when using graph widgets on a dashboard, you may enter a custom title label for the widget instead of always having the graph title shown.

changes for: 2015-Jan-30

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug when you tried to edit an HTTP or JSON/Resmon check which had custom headers, where the editable header fields weren't initialized correctly.

changes for: 2015-Jan-26

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug where graph guides didn’t have their colors rendered correctly.

changes for: 2015-Jan-05

New Features

  • Reference Timezones

    If you have offices or datacenters in timezones different from your account timezone, now you can display a list of those timezones to easily reference the time differences between the zones. These are set at the account level, on the Account Profile page. To view them on any page, click the account timezone (with the clock icon) in the site header, and they will be shown in the left sidebar; they are sticky, so they will remain showing on every page until you hide them (in your current browser).

Improvements (1)

  • Colorpicker for Aggregated Cluster Datapoints

    Now when using an aggregate function on a Metric Cluster graph datapoint, you can choose a color for the datapoint just like a normal numeric metric datapoint.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug when creating instant shared graphs, where the timezone offset was not calculated correctly for the start and end times.


changes for: 2014-Dec-18

New Features

  • Show Most Recent Graph Data

    Up ’til now, graphs only showed data from long term storage, which meant that the most recent data was not shown (data was shown up to the second-to-last five minute mark). Now, as the graph is loading, it will also load the most recent “in-flight” data which goes all the way up to “now.”

Improvements (2)

  • Improved Account Profile Layout

    The Account Profile page has an improved layout to make it easier to use and update.

  • Explicit Check Status for Rulesets

    Instead of being grayed out when its check was inactive (which was confusing since the ruleset itself wasn't disabled), each ruleset now clearly displays the status of its corresponding check (active or inactive) in the ruleset details area.

changes for: 2014-Dec-12

New Features

  • New User Preference: Disabling Graph Legend Auto-Formatting

    Up ’til now, if a graph datapoint had no legend formula, its values would be auto-formatted when shown in the legend (formula: “auto”). But if you prefer that such datapoints always show their raw values, there is now a user preference to turn off this auto-formatting.

Improvements (1)

  • Broker Group ID Shown in UI

    Each broker on the Account Brokers page now shows its broker group ID, for easy reference.

changes for: 2014-Dec-10

New Features

  • Metric Cluster Health Analysis

    We've added a health analysis feature for metric clusters to highlight cluster members which are not performing like the others. On the clusters page there is a new page options menu at the upper right corner of the cluster list, containing an option to show cluster member health.

  • Metric Cluster Dashboard Widget

    To go along with the new health analysis feature, we've added a new dashboard widget! The new Cluster widget lets you choose a metric cluster and it lays out a grid of squares, one for each cluster member. Each square is colored green or red depending on if that member is “good” or “bad.” Health analysis only works for numeric metrics, so any text metrics in a cluster will show as gray. (Note: clusters must have at least three members to perform a health analysis; clusters of one or two members will have all their members marked as “bad.”

changes for: 2014-Nov-24

Improvements (2)

  • SNMP Check UI Now Validates OID Formatting

    Now when adding/editing an SNMP check and entering OID names and values into the web UI, warnings will appear if you enter invalid characters.

  • HTTPTrap Check UI Now Has Asynchronous Toggle

    Now when adding/editing an HTTPTrap check, you can enable or disable asynchronous data collection (previously this could only be set from the API).

changes for: 2014-Nov-18

New Features

  • Support Tickets

    Account administrators, you now have a support page where you can create new support tickets to report Circonus bugs. This integrates with our ticket tracking system so we can more easily dialog with you about your bug reports.

changes for: 2014-Nov-14

New Features

  • Metric Cluster Aggregation on Graphs

    Now it's easy to aggregate multiple metrics into a single metric on a graph without having to create a new composite check to do it. Any metric cluster on a graph can now be assigned an aggregate function (min, max, sum, mean, or geometric mean). The specified function is then used to aggregate all the cluster metrics' data and render the result as a single data series on the graph.

changes for: 2014-Oct-31

Improvements (1)

  • Read-Only Users Can Now Add Graph Overlays

    Although read-only users still cannot save overlay sets in graphs, they can now add overlays to graphs for analytics and comparison.

changes for: 2014-Oct-22

New Features

  • Real-Time Streaming for Metric Viz Graphs

    Now when you are viewing a metric visualization graph (the small graphs found under Alerts, Metrics, and Check Details metric lists), there is a new set of playback controls to activate real-time streaming playback for that metric.

changes for: 2014-Oct-20

New Features

  • Graph Data Series Highlighting

    Now you can hover over a graph or its legend to see corresponding highlighting of both the graph plotline and the legend row. Hovering near a numeric or composite plotline on a graph will highlight the corresponding legend row, and vice versa.

changes for: 2014-Oct-07

New Features

  • Default Graph Colors Alpha

    Now in addition to being able to set the default graph colors under User Preferences, you can also set the default alpha transparency level for each color.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug with removing multiple datapoints from a graph, where after the first datapoint was removed, subsequent attempts to remove datapoints removed the wrong ones.

changes for: 2014-Oct-01

New Features

  • Graph Datapoint Toggling

    Now you can temporarily toggle datapoints off and back on while viewing a graph (even a shared graph), using toggle buttons on each row of the graph legend.

changes for: 2014-Sep-29

New Features

  • New Check Details Page

    The check details page has been completely redesigned and re-engineered. Now it loads quickly and remains performant while viewing and manipulating checks containing thousands of metrics (note: we do not recommend grouping thousands of metrics into a single check). The new design also makes it easy to change the brokers and metrics in a check bundle and understand how the changes will affect your metric usage.

  • Dashboard Widget Copying

    Now dashboard widgets can be copied easily—simply drag a widget while holding down the ALT/OPT key, and when you drop the widget at a new location it will be copied instead of moved.

Improvements (1)

  • Easier Selecting of Graphs for “Existing Graph” Overlays

    Now when you go to choose a graph for an “Existing Graph” overlay, the graphs aren't presented in a dropdown, but instead are selectable via an autocomplete search field.

changes for: 2014-Sep-04

Improvements (2)

  • Alerts Summary Widgets Can Be Linked to Match Y Axes

    Now, when using one of the new alerts summary views (the sunburst or bar chart), you can link multiple widgets in a group. This forces all the widgets in the group to use the same scale for their y axes, ensuring visual comparability.

  • Dashboard Text Sizes

    You can now manually set the text size on dashboards. If you don't want the text size to be set automatically (auto-sizing varies according to the dashboard grid dimensions), you may use the text size slider to set it manually (within a range from 4pt to 32pt).

changes for: 2014-Aug-26

New Features

  • VictorOps Integration

    You can now create a VictorOps contact group by selecting them as a third party service to receive alerts and recoveries.

changes for: 2014-Aug-25

New Features

  • Edit Shared Dashboards

    Non-private dashboards can now be edited by other members of your account. The dashboard list display has been updated to reflect these changes.

changes for: 2014-Aug-19

New Features

  • Instant Graph Sharing

    Now you can share a graph “as you see it” with one click! When viewing a graph, click the new + button adjoining the “Share” button and you will create a new “instant” shared version of the graph. It will be showing all the overlays you currently have applied, and will be locked to the current date view you're seeing (intelligently: it will use either the current zoom window you're viewing, such as the past 2d, or the particular date range you've selected).

changes for: 2014-Aug-18

New Features

  • Graph Overlays Can Now be Saved with Shared Versions

    Now when you create a shared version of a graph, you can save any of the currently applied overlays with the shared version.

changes for: 2014-Aug-14

Improvements (2)

  • Improved Performance for Ruleset Metric Searching on Large Accounts

    Performance for Ruleset Metric autocomplete search has significantly improved (by up to 75%) on large accounts with over 10,000 rulesets. This particular search is used when creating a new ruleset, selecting a dependency for a ruleset, and selecting a ruleset metric when creating a new maintenance window.

  • Improved keyboard use in datepickers

    Now when entering the time in a datepicker and hitting ENTER, it will simply set your date and time selection, instead of accidentally submitting the dialog form which contains the datepicker.

changes for: 2014-Aug-05

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Legend Datapoints Now Show Check and Metric Info

    Now you can feel free to rename your graph datapoints however you want without fear of losing reference to which metrics they represent. When viewing a graph, if you hover over a metric datapoint you will notice a small “check info” hot spot. When you hover over this, you will see a short menu that lists the datapoint's check bundle name and metric name, along with the link to view the check details.

changes for: 2014-Aug-04

Improvements (1)

  • Improved Ruleset Selection on Ruleset Group Add-Ruleset Dialog

    On Ruleset Groups' add-ruleset dialogs, the ruleset selection list was turned into an autocomplete search field, to improve performance on accounts with over 10,000 rulesets.

changes for: 2014-Aug-01

New Features

  • Alerts Widget: New Filter & Display Modes

    The dashboard alerts widget has been upgraded. It has a new filter option, to only show alerts which had notifications sent to particular contact groups. It also has new summary display modes: starburst chart and bar chart. These summary modes have a couple extra dedicated config options to give you visual summaries of alerts from specific periods of time.

  • Uptime Reports

    We are happy to announce new dedicated uptime reports for every metric. Links to these reports can be found under each metric on the Metrics page or on a check details page, and also in alert details on the Alerts pages.

changes for: 2014-Jul-24

Improvements (1)

  • Ordered Loading of Gridded Graphs

    Wherever graphs are displayed in grids (e.g. the Graphs list page and worksheets), the graphs will be loaded in order, two at a time. This helps the graphs render more quickly by resolving the bottleneck created when trying to load an entire page of graphs simultaneously.

changes for: 2014-Jul-20

Improvements (1)

  • Improved Legibility on Dashboard Widget Settings

    Dashboard widget settings now have their font-size fixed, so if you have font-scaling enabled on your dashboard, the widget settings won't become illegible.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug with searching on the hosts page (in list mode) where searching happened simultaneously with pagination, resulting in oddly paginated host lists when searching.

changes for: 2014-Jul-18

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Fully Responsive Design

    The mobile site design has been upgraded so it's now fully responsive. This means that it will adjust to your screen size, allowing full usage of larger screens such as those on tablets.

changes for: 2014-Jul-15

New Features

  • Added Transforms to Graph Datapoints

    We have added transform options directly to graph datapoints. So now, instead of having to use an overlay to view the result from applying an algorithmic transform to your data, you can add it as a normal datapoint and save it with the graph.

changes for: 2014-Jul-08

Improvements (1)

  • Improved Interactivity Performance on Heavy Graphs

    When viewing graphs with many datapoints (especially while showing histogram sparklines), or graphs with several overlays, performance of mouse interactivity has been improved.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug with graphs where if you added two or more overlays to a graph, it lost its mouse interactivity.

changes for: 2014-Jun-24

New Features

  • Redesigned New Check Selection Panel

    We have reorganized and redesigned the new check selection panel. It's now easier to use and find the check you're looking for without having to hunt. The new check broker selection area has also been updated to clearly indicate which brokers are available for the chosen check type.

changes for: 2014-Jun-12

New Features

  • Composite Formula Editor

    The composite check formula textarea (when creating or editing a composite check) is no longer a simple textarea—we've added a toolbar system to the textarea to make it easier to write composite formulas. These toolbars are context-sensitive and are designed to help you build composite formulas quickly, but they can be ignored or even hidden if you prefer to work without them.

  • Recent Composite Formulas Dialog

    We've added a new dialog to the config panel where you create or edit a composite check. This new “Recent Formulas” dialog allows you to browse and search composite formulas from recently modified composite checks, and then insert one or more of those formulas into the formula editing field for further modification.

Improvements (1)

  • Inactive Metric Toggle for the Graph Add-Datapoint Panel

    When browsing or searching metrics in the Add-Datapoint panel (when editing a graph), we've added a toggle to allow you to hide inactive metrics.

changes for: 2014-Jun-02

Improvements (1)

  • Rulesets and Ruleset Groups Improvements

    The Rulesets and Ruleset Groups pages have been improved for consistency with new design elements as well as ease of editing and making them easier to work with.

changes for: 2014-May-23

New Features

  • New Navigation and Search Systems

    We've completely overhauled the main navigation menu and the user interface for searching. Instead of the individual sub-menus that were a bit finicky to use, there is now a single global menu. This new menu has been reorganized to give users a better idea of how each page fits into the overall application flow. Search has also been redesigned to make search capabilities more visible, and to make things easier when working with search queries.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug with graphs. Now if you have a graph with a cluster datapoint and you add a shared version of the graph or an overlay set, the cluster datapoint is retained for editing, instead of being permanently expanded into its member metric datapoints.

changes for: 2014-May-19

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Widget Settings

    Now when you go into the settings panel of a graph dashboard widget to choose a graph, the old dropdown menu has been replaced by an autocomplete dialog. This will result in better performance and make it easier to find the graph you want on accounts with hundreds or thousands of graphs.

changes for: 2014-May-14

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug for the maintenance window creation dialog. When entering a hostname for a host maintenance window, even if you don't choose an item from the autocomplete menu, the dialog will still check the hostname you entered and if valid, will continue and create the maintenance window.

changes for: 2014-May-02

Improvements (1)

  • Sticky Map Widgets' Zoom

    Now when you zoom or pan in a dashboard map widget, that view state is remembered across page loads in the same manner as the fullscreen and black dash mode settings.

changes for: 2014-May-01

New Features

  • Smart Worksheets

    We've upgraded worksheets! Now in addition to adding graphs manually, you can add them in search-driven blocks called “smart queries.” “Smart queries” are search queries that are saved and executed at worksheet render time, so the worksheet stays updated automatically. You can rearrange the graphs within a “smart query,” and you can add “smart queries” to the same worksheets as other manually-added graphs.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed a bug when adding a graph to a worksheet, where the graph's tags wouldn't properly display their symbols.
  • Fixed a bug for the 'related metrics' list in the new annotation dialog. This scrolls the list if it gets tall, so it doesn't flow outside the browser window if there are many metrics on the current graph.

changes for: 2014-Apr-25

New Features

  • API Updates

    We made two API updates: first, we added support for editing a user’s XMPP and SMS details via the API. Second, we added support for setting custom alert formats via the API.

changes for: 2014-Apr-22

New Features

  • Metric Clusters

    We are happy to announce “metric clusters” which provide an easy way to group metrics via search queries. This then makes it easier to work with large groups of metrics; you can do things like adding clusters directly to graphs.

changes for: 2014-Apr-10

New Features

  • Gauge Widget: Text Mode

    We've added a new render mode to Gauge Widgets (on Dashboards): Text Mode. This gives you all the power of the gauge widget, including color-coding and formulas, but is graphically simpler so all it shows is the gauge value in large text. (The text is re-sized to fill the widget each time the value is updated.)

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed a bug where the check details page showed the check title as editable even though the check couldn't actually be edited.
  • Fixed a bug where a worksheet was occasionally not able to be saved after rearranging its graphs.

changes for: 2014-Apr-03

New Features

  • External Check

    Added a new check that will allow users with Enterprise brokers to execute scripts on their broker and parse the output into metrics.

changes for: 2014-Apr-01

Improvements (1)

  • More Obvious Graph Auto-Saved Status

    We recently removed automatic saving from most of Circonus, but the graph editing page is one page which still auto-saves due to the graphs architecture behind the scenes. To make the current saved status more explicit when editing a graph, the Save button now indicates when the graph has been auto-saved or not.

changes for: 2014-Mar-31

New Features

  • Graph Blueprints

    Now if you have a particular graph that you would like to replicate across multiple hosts or checks, you can do so with Graph Blueprints, which are like templates for graphs. After creating a blueprint, you can use it to create new graphs, or you can use it to visualize a check without creating a graph at all.

changes for: 2014-Mar-27

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Datapoint Editor Improvements

    The datapoint editing system (used when editing a graph) has been updated, making the datapoint editors more compact and reusable and offering a more consistent experience.

changes for: 2014-Mar-24

Improvements (1)

  • Shared Graph & Worksheet improvements

    Now, when sharing Worksheets and Graphs, users can change the date settings to use their custom graph zoom levels (set under “user preferences”).

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed bugs with saving shared worksheets multiple times in a row; fixed several minor shared worksheet/graph display bugs.
  • Fixed a bug in rendering histogram datapoints containing no data.

changes for: 2014-Mar-20

New Features

  • Beacon Map Enhancements

    Now beacon maps have basic zooming and panning, and if a secondary metric is being displayed, the map's color profile will be shown in a legend over the bottom of the map.

changes for: 2014-Mar-06

New Features

  • AWS CloudWatch Check

    Added a new check to allowing pulling AWS CloudWatch metrics.

changes for: 2014-Jan-03

Improvements (1)

  • Datepicker improvements

    We've made some improvements to the datepickers. The week number column was dropped; each week now starts on Sunday instead of Monday; dates & times are no longer set by simply clicking the calendar…now you must click the 'set date' button at the top of the datepicker to explicitly set the date(s) you have selected.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed an issue with creating multiple Quick Graphs, which restricted accounts from creating more than one Quick Graph every few minutes.
  • Fixed an issue with Ruleset Groups having more than 26 Rulesets, where double-digit placeholders (AA, AB, etc.) were not shown in the UI.


changes for: 2013-Dec-20

Improvements (1)

  • Event Improvements

    You can now link directly to individual events (annotations). Also, the Annotations Timeline has been enhanced so you can now click directly on paths and nodes to be instantly taken to the corresponding events.

changes for: 2013-Dec-19

New Features

  • Advanced Graph Copying

    Now when copying a graph, you may remap its datapoints to new metrics on a per-host basis. The datapoints are grouped by host, and you may choose to remap each host to another host having at least one check containing matching metrics (matched by name and type).

changes for: 2013-Dec-16

New Features

  • Ruleset History

    The audit trail for each ruleset has now been exposed in the application UI. Look for a 'History' button at the bottom of each Ruleset which will open a dialog containing the audit trail.

changes for: 2013-Dec-12

New Features

  • Easy Tag Filters

    Now it's even easier to apply tag filters. Previously, the only way to create tag filters was to use the Tag Filters dialog in the filter bar. Now you may go to the Tag management page (under Data), select the tags you wish to use in the filter by clicking them, and then click the Create Filters button at the top of the page.

changes for: 2013-Dec-10

New Features

  • Removing Auto-Saving, Phase 2

    Up to now, the web application UI has automatically saved the changes you make to just about every item. In response to feedback from our users about how confusing this is, we are moving away from auto-saving and instead are adding explicit save buttons, using a two-phase rollout. This second and final phase removes auto-saving from items which are edited in list form: Events, Rulesets, Ruleset Groups, Contact Groups, Maintenance Windows and Account Brokers. This finishes removing auto-saving from the Circonus UI.

changes for: 2013-Dec-03

New Features

  • Search Added to Alerts Page

    Search capabilities have been added to the current alerts page, to help users more quickly sift through alerts to find the ones they need to see.

changes for: 2013-Nov-14

New Features

  • Removing Auto-Saving, Phase 1

    Up to now, the web application UI has automatically saved the changes you make to just about every item. In response to feedback from our users about how confusing this is, we are moving away from auto-saving and instead are adding explicit save buttons, using a two-phase rollout. This first phase removes auto-saving from Dashboards, Worksheets, User Preferences, and the Add Graph page. The Edit Graph page will continue to auto-save due to how graph rendering works.

Improvements (1)

  • Contact Group “Add Members” Dialog Improvements

    The dialog for adding Contact Group members has been improved to clarify the process for adding new contact group member information.

changes for: 2013-Nov-08

New Features

  • Node Windows Agent check added

    Added a check allowing the collection of Windows-specific metrics via the Node Agent.

changes for: 2013-Nov-06

New Features

  • Composite Check UI Support

    Composite checks can now be created, edited, and copied via the web application UI.

changes for: 2013-Oct-29

Improvements (1)

  • Acknowledgment & Maintenance Dialog Improvements

    We've added window length dropdowns to all acknowledgment & new maintenance window dialogs on the main and mobile sites. This will allow you to quickly set acknowledgment & maintenance windows without having to manually choose a specific end date & time.

changes for: 2013-Oct-23

New Features

  • Graph & Worksheet Descriptions

    Graphs and Worksheets now can have optional descriptions added to them. To add a description, use the “Edit Description” button on the respective editing page.

changes for: 2013-Oct-17

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Events Page

    Added to the mobile site: fully-functional version of the Events page.

changes for: 2013-Oct-10

Improvements (1)

  • Template interface improvements

    We've made some improvements to the Template interface:
      • In the new template dialog, the 'Master Host' dropdown has been changed to an autocomplete text field;
      • Host aliases are no longer shown (now only the hostnames themselves are shown throughout the interface);
      • At the bottom of each template's details block there's now a link which links directly to that template.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed the changing of the master host of a draft template, where the system would try to save that template as a standard template instead of draft.

changes for: 2013-Oct-09

Improvements (4)

  • Customizable absence windows on rules

    In the past, the windows for 'absence' rules were locked to five minutes. Now 'absence' rules have a field allowing you to set a custom absence window length.

  • Search filtering on host/broker status widgets

    On the 'Status' dashboard widgets (showing either host statuses or broker statuses), we have added a search field so you can easily filter which hosts/brokers are shown.

  • Math formulas on chart & gauge widgets

    Chart & Gauge widgets now have formula fields where you can enter formulas (one formula per widget, using either RPN or infix notation) to transform metric values as they stream live into the widget.

  • Metric lists now show their metric notes

    In addition to being able to view & edit metric notes on alerts and rulesets, you can now view & edit metric notes on the metrics page and the check details page.

changes for: 2013-Oct-07

Improvements (1)

  • Visible acknowledgment & maintenance info on alerts

    If an alert has been acknowledged or put into maintenance, the acknowledgment or maintenance info and notes are now shown directly in the alert info (in the app).

changes for: 2013-Oct-02

Improvements (2)

  • Increased number of allowed columns on dashboards

    The maximum number of columns allowed in a dashboard has been increased from 20 to 26 columns.

  • Showing more of each graph title before truncating

    On pages where graphs are shown in a grid (worksheets and main graphs page), the modified dates and action links for each graph have been rearranged to allow for longer, more readable graph titles.

changes for: 2013-Oct-01

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Contacts Page

    Added to the mobile site: fully-functional version of the Contacts page.

changes for: 2013-Sep-27

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed histogram graph rendering where histograms rendered incorrectly in certain situations. Also fixed shading accuracy and legend data display when viewing a histogram on a graph with a log based y axis.

changes for: 2013-Sep-16

Improvements (1)

  • Rulesets respect derivative settings when showing latest metric values.

    On the rulesets page, each ruleset's latest metric value is now continually updated live as long as you have the page open, and is shown using the chosen derivative setting. Also, now when creating a new ruleset for a known metric, the recommended derivative setting is pre-selected.

changes for: 2013-Sep-13

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Templates & Ruleset Groups Pages

    Added to the mobile site: read-only versions of the Templates and Ruleset Groups pages.

changes for: 2013-Sep-09

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Worksheet Viewing

    Added to the mobile site: Worksheets list page and View Worksheet page.

changes for: 2013-Sep-06

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Now when you add a composite datapoint to a stepped line graph, the composite datapoint will be stepped, not interpolated.

changes for: 2013-Aug-13

New Features

  • Internet Explorer 10 Compatibility

    Now that IE has joined the ranks of the modern browsers, we went through Circonus with a fine-toothed comb and made sure the entire web interface is compatible with IE10.

changes for: 2013-Aug-06

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Graph Viewing

    Added to the mobile site: Graphs list page and View Graph page. On the View Graph page, tap the graph to show data values at that x position (values are shown in the legend).

changes for: 2013-Jul-15

New Features

  • Customizable Alerts

    You can now create custom formats for your alerts for each contact group. Under your contact group settings there is a checkbox to enable this feature, and a ? help bubble to help you use it.

  • Ruleset Groups

    With ruleset groups you can combine multiple rulesets into a single group, then set an alert to only go off when 2 of 3 services are down, or when ruleset A and B have fired or ruleset C. More information can be found on the blog

changes for: 2013-Jul-08

Improvements (1)

  • Metrics in table displays now include current live values.

    In the metrics tab and check display tab current and live updating values for metrics are included in the table view. Additionally, some 'smart' formatting of metric values is applied for common metrics.

changes for: 2013-Jun-19

Improvements (1)

  • Dashboards No Longer Save View Settings

    Dashboards no longer save their view settings (fullscreen and black dash modes), so if a dashboard is shared with another user, it now cannot start in fullscreen mode the first time that user views it. Instead, the view settings are saved in each user's browser, so the dashboard will remain in fullscreen and black dash modes for only that user.

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Dashboard graphs no longer occasionally show the wrong plots if they are drawn at the same time as another graph.
  • Dashboard graphs are now sized when drawn, not when their data is requested, which prevents graphs from being drawn at the wrong size if the dashboard is resized several times quickly in a row.
  • Dashboard alerts are now cleared properly when changing from a view containing one or more alerts to a view containing no alerts.

changes for: 2013-Jun-11

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Full Maintenance Window Editability

    The mobile site maintenance page was updated, adding edit/create functionality for maintenance windows under the Maintenance page.

changes for: 2013-Jun-03

Improvements (1)

  • Dashboard Status Widgets can now hide Broker Updates column.

    When using a status widget in ‘broker statuses’ mode, you can now choose to hide the ‘updates’ column just like you can hide the other columns.

changes for: 2013-May-31

New Features

  • Mobile Site: User Preferences

    Added to the mobile site: User Preferences page.

changes for: 2013-May-29

Improvements (1)

  • Data API now allows for text and histogram extraction.

    The /data/ API now accepts a type argument allowing the requestor to select numeric (default), text or histogram data.

changes for: 2013-May-24

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Swipe Pagination

    Updated mobile site: now for lists which are paginated (e.g. Alerts, Checks, etc.), you may page forward and backward by swiping left and right on the screen.

Improvements (1)

  • New graphs now have stepped line-styles by default

    Now when you create a new graph, its line style defaults to ‘stepped’ instead of ‘interpolated,’ because a stepped representation of the data is more accurate.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Now when viewing a list page with a search parameter, the search parameter is maintained when changing the paging size.

changes for: 2013-May-22

New Features

  • New Exponential Regression Planning Overlay

    We added a new type of graph planning overlay, using exponential regression.

  • Planning Overlays Now Display Parameters

    Now when you hover over a planning overlay tab (when viewing a graph) an info box appears over the graph, displaying the regression parameters used for the calculations.

changes for: 2013-May-15

New Features

  • Contact Groups Have Moved

    Contact Groups have moved from the account profile page and are now under the Alerts section. As such, they are manageable by all normal users, not just admins. The Contact Group management UI also has been redesigned for improved clarity and usability.

  • Arbitrary Contact Group Messages

    In addition to being able to send generic test messages to Contact Groups, users can now enter their own messages.

changes for: 2013-Apr-25

New Features

  • POP3 Check

    We've added a check that will allow checking mail retrieval via the POP3 protocol.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Improved support for metrics with long names and metrics with double quotation marks in their names.
  • Fixed URLs in emails sent during the signup/invitation and welcome processes.

changes for: 2013-Apr-12

New Features

  • Real-Time Playback for Dashboard Widgets

    Gauge, Text, and Chart widgets now can be set to update in real-time, at the interval of your choice (between 1-30s). Graph widgets can also now be set to stream their graphs in real-time.

changes for: 2013-Apr-08

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Account Brokers Page

    Added to the mobile site: Account Brokers administration page.

  • Template Rulesets

    You can now sync rules across templates as easily as you sync checks. Under the list of bundles for each template is a checkbox to include rulesets, if you select this, each time you apply template changes or re-sync the template, the rules will also be synced. You are also given a new option to re-sync rules on their own if you made changes you want to apply. Note that unselecting the box and re-syncing will not remove rules, so you can quickly splash standard rules across hosts, and then stop syncing them to make host specific changes.

Improvements (1)

  • Underscores are now dashes in URLs

    To help support additional browsers, we've replaced underscores with dashes in account urls. Old URLs will continue to "work" by redirecting you to the new format.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed Redis check bug where the dbindex would not be selected correctly if an index other than 0 was specified.

changes for: 2013-Apr-01

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Searching & Sorting

    Added to the mobile site: searching and sorting capabilities to all list pages.

changes for: 2013-Mar-29

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Checks, Hosts, & Metrics Pages

    Added to the mobile site: Hosts page, and read-only versions of the Checks and Metrics pages, as well as a read-only version of the check details page. The read-only pages will be fleshed out with editing & creating capabilities in the near future.

changes for: 2013-Mar-20

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Deleting a bundle now also deletes rulesets for previously deactivated checks in that bundle.
  • Fix for dashboards where clicking to add a new widget would not open the widget panel.
  • Allow dashboard widget resizing in fullscreen mode.

changes for: 2013-Mar-14

Improvements (1)

  • Webhook JSON payload

    If the URL for your webhook ends in .json (e.x. /alerts/circonus.json) we will POST you a JSON payload instead of individual parameters.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed some bugs where special characters in metric names would cause minigraphs or preview graphs to not render data.

changes for: 2013-Mar-08

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Rulesets & Maintenance Pages

    Added to the mobile site: read-only versions of the Rulesets and Maintenance pages. These will be fleshed out with editing & creating capabilities in the near future.

changes for: 2013-Mar-05

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Now when hovering on a graph and you are in between datapoints, the legend will show the previous (in time) value
  • Fixed various URL bugs relating to login / logout

changes for: 2013-03-04

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Alerts Pages

    Added to the mobile site: Current Alerts and Alert History pages.

changes for: 2013-Mar-01

New Features

  • Account Subdomains

    Access to your Circonus account now happens via a subdomain like Old URLs will continue to work for the time being but any bookmarks should be updated to the new format.

changes for: 2013-Feb-22

New Features

  • Circonus Users' Guide

    The much awaited in app documentation is live here

changes for: 2013-Feb-20

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Fixed modal graphs to respect the derivative setting set on the mini-graph
  • Fixed JS error that read only users would get when changing derivative value on mini-graph
  • Fixed bug in dashboards where a prompt would display asking a read only user to save changes such as fullscreen mode.

changes for: 2013-Feb-13

New Features

  • New Maintenance Windows

    A long awaited feature is now live. Maintenance windows can now be set on multiple levels, and there is a new maintenance page located in the fault detection section to handle all your current and future windows. At the lowest level, you can still set maintenance on an individual metric, going up from there you can also set a window on a check, an entire host or your account if need be. With this change, the old v1 API maintenance management has been removed in favor of new methods in API v2.

Improvements (2)

  • Quick Graph Button Now Goes to Graph Edit Page

    The Quick Graph button that appears when looking at metrics or alerts has been changed to go to the graph edit page, allowing you to more quickly manipulate the metric or add more data to the graph before saving.

  • API Token Apps Can Be Denied Immediately

    When a new app request comes in for access through one of your API Tokens, you now have the option of denying it immediately, instead of having to approve it first in order to deny it, as before.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue when updating metrics, selecting an inactive numeric metric would cause the histogram collection button to break.

changes for: 2013-Jan-24

New Features

  • Mobile Site: Profile Pages

    Added to the mobile site: basic Account Profile and User Profile pages.

changes for: 2013-Jan-23

Improvements (1)

  • Contact Group Test Message

    Contact groups now have an envelope icon which when clicked will send a test message to everyone in that group via their selected contact method.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed graph rendering issue where some numeric datapoints would no longer display legend values
  • Fixed bug in JSON docs buttons throughout the site that caused them to not behave as expected in Chrome

changes for: 2013-Jan-15

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed bug on template page that would not allow the changing of a master host on Chrome.
  • API would allow duplicate data points on a graph, this has been resolved by deduping data point on id, name and derive and then using the last of each data point.

changes for: 2013-Jan-14

New Features

  • New Navigation Menu

    The navigation menus have been completely redesigned. They're now all integrated and completely horizontal, for ease of use and readability. Despite the fact that we've managed to fit more menu into a shorter space than before, the new menu still helps you get around the site more quickly than the previous menu (thanks to the new submenu system). And last (but not least), the vague, context-dependent '+' tab has gone away. Each page now has its own explicitly labeled button(s) at the top to allow you to create new items.

changes for: 2013-Jan-10

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed ruleset notes and links so that if you come to the page via a direct link to the ruleset, they will show up

changes for: 2013-Jan-09

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed sorting by alerts on hosts page, we now sort by the severity so higher priority items will show up first in the list.


changes for: 2012-Dec-21

Improvements (2)

  • Inactive Items in Templates

    Inactive hosts and check bundles in a template are now hidden in the UI. You can reactivate either item by clicking the "Add Host" or "Add Bundle" buttons, they will appear in that list grayed out, clicking on the entry will add them back to the template.

  • Simplified NewRelic Check

    The NewRelic check has been updated to take advantage of their new API. You now only need an API key to pull your data.

changes for: 2012-Dec-19

New Features

  • Shared Worksheets

    You can now create shared versions of worksheets like you've been able to do with graphs. These shared worksheets are viewable to the public (no authentication required) and are viewable in IE9+, just like the shared graphs.

changes for: 2012-Dec-13

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed a bug on API Tokens page which didn't allow Firefox users to select and copy the token ID from the API token field.
  • Fixed a bug with composite datapoints which prevented certain formulas from being calculated and rendered.

changes for: 2012-Dec-07

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed bug in database checks where a blank field (username, password, database, port, etc) could lead to the check not returning correct results.

changes for: 2012-Nov-16

Improvements (2)

  • OAuth 2.0 Support

    Support has been added to use OAuth 2.0. Future Google authorizations will utilize OAuth 2.0 tokens instead of 1.0 tokens.

  • Redis DB Selection

    You may now select the DB index to perform your Redis commands on.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • OAuth token generation has been fixed.

changes for: 2012-Nov-09

Improvements (1)

  • Non-Active Brokers

    The broker page has been changed to pull non-active brokers to their own table at the top and has a progress bar for their current status. Expanding the row will give a short description of what the next step is to get it activated.

changes for: 2012-Nov-02

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue where when creating a dashboard widget, after selecting a check you would not get a selection of metrics to choose from.

changes for: 2012-Oct-30

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue where when creating a new rule, after selecting a check there would be no metrics populated to choose from.

changes for: 2012-Oct-26

New Features

  • Silence Contact Groups

    You can now silence a contact group for a set period of time. Setting the silence will stop all notifications sent to that group, when the silence time expires reminders / new alerts will send off as normal. This is configurable from your account profile, look for the settings for individual contact groups.

changes for: 2012-Oct-19

Improvements (1)

  • Dashboard Widget Autoformat

    You can now control the formatting of certain dashboard widget values to have them use their raw values instead of the autoformatted one (i.e. show 500 instead of .5k)

Bug Fixes (1)

  • API fixes to correctly report the wait time for rules as minutes and fix null criteria/value rules

changes for: 2012-Oct-17

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Minor bugfix to fix potential javascript errors when resizing worksheet graphs that don't contain datapoints.
  • Fix to remove dialog when viewing a shared dashboard in full screen mode.

changes for: 2012-Oct-09

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Tweaks to graph rendering to speed up performance.
  • Fixed alert maintenance status mouseover to display the correct time that an alert is in maintenance.

changes for: 2012-Oct-01

Improvements (1)

  • Stepped Graphs

    Graphs now have a line style option in the toolbox that lets you pick between stepped and interpolated renderings.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed composite data point bug where if a value being used in the formula was null, it would not render the graph. Nulls in these cases are now treated as 0.

changes for: 2012-Sep-26

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed graph edit issue where after searching for a metric to add to a graph clicking on the result would not add it.

changes for: 2012-Sep-25

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed bug in dashboard chart widget where metrics with a : in their name would not render.

changes for: 2012-Sep-21

Improvements (1)

  • Color Picker Behavior Updated

    Color pickers have now been updated to use the Hue/Saturation/Value color model rather than RGB, for easier visual choosing of colors.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed graph bug when adding two or more overlays containing histogram datapoints, where histogram datapoints would sometimes not be rendered.

changes for: 2012-Sep-19

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Improved load time of alert pages.

changes for: 2012-Sep-17

New Features

  • Quick Graphs and Quick Graph Previews

    To accompany the metric visualization graphs on the Metrics page, the Display Check page, and Alerts pages, we've added Quick Graph buttons which take you to viewing a Quick Graph of that metric, which you can save or discard. We've also added fullscreen buttons to the metric visualization graphs on those pages which will open a full-sized Quick Graph in a modal overlay for you to quickly view with data overlays, etc.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't create new rulesets from the Rulesets page.

changes for: 2012-Sep-06

New Features

  • Statsd

    We've added a Statsd check that will allow pushing data to Enterprise Brokers via the Statsd protocol.

  • CIM

    We've added a Common Information Model (CIM) check that will allow checking data on CIM systems.

  • Nginx

    We've added an Nginx check that will allow checking data from Nginx systems.

  • DHCP

    We've added a DHCP check that will allow checking data from DHCP servers (Enterprise Brokers only).

Improvements (2)

  • SMTP

    We have added TLS support into the SMTP check

  • HTTP

    We have added support for setting the version of HTTP to use for HTTP checks

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed bug that prevented graphs from streaming if they only had datapoints on the right y axis.

changes for: 2012-Sep-05

Improvements (2)

  • Histogram Sparklines User Preference & Toggle Key

    A new user preference was added for disabling/enabling the display of histogram sparklines by default. A toggle keybinding (the 'h' key) was also added to enable temporary toggling of histogram sparklines while viewing a graph.

  • Disabled Datapoints in Graph Legends

    Disabled datapoints no longer show up in graph legend tables.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • The processing gears icon is no longer shown accidentally when adding a new hostname (via the text entry field) to a Check Template.
  • Fixed a JS error (blocking graph rendering) when evaluating simple formulas (especially Composite datapoint formulas like '=A') and encountering null data values.

changes for: 2012-Sep-04

New Features

  • Histogram Sparklines

    Now when hovering over a histogram datapoint, a sparkline representation of the Y Axis will appear on the graph to provide another visualization of the distribution of the data.

Improvements (2)

  • Histogram Legend Changes

    The legend rows for histogram data have been updated to bold the percentage of data points in the current bucket, and also now have arrows showing the percent of data above and below the current bucket.

  • Alpha Channel Support in Graph API

    The Graph API now supports specifying the alpha channel for datapoint colors, ex. #26EBD474 (area graphs only).

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed JS error when adding an annotation to a graph with an overlay.

changes for: 2012-Aug-24

New Features

  • New Host Statuses Widget View

    The Status widget (used to be Admin widget) now has a second mode where you can view the statuses of your account hosts with list, grid, or compact layouts, just like on the Data->Hosts page.

Improvements (5)

  • Improved Accuracy of Timestamps When Hovering Over A Graph

    When showing the timestamp in a graph legend column (due to hovering over the graph), the timestamp is now taken from the graph data so it's accurate and reflects the time rollups used.

  • Added Histogram Option to Metric Visualization Graphs

    The metric visualization graphs on the check display page, metrics page, and alerts dashboard have been updated so if that metric is collecting histogram data, you can switch the metric viz graph to histogram mode via the dropdown box.

  • Revamped Agent Statuses Widget View

    The Agent Statuses widget view has been updated so it reflects the updates recently made to the account agents page. We also added a context menu to the widget, providing a quick link to the account agents page.

  • Changed Widget Names

    The Status widget (for displaying HTML or text-formatted metric values) has been renamed as the Text widget, and the Admin widget has been renamed as the Status widget, for greater clarity.

  • Made Add-Widget Panel Easier to Close

    When the dashboard 'Add Widget' panel is open and the user is scrolling down the page, the 'close panel' tab now remains visible beside the panel so the user doesn't have to scroll up the page just to close the panel.

changes for: 2012-Aug-21

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fix JS error on shared graph pages

changes for: 2012-Aug-17

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Multiple fixes to streaming graphs to deal with problems when a min / max axis is set or if it was set to a logarithmic value
  • Histogram graphs had a bug where the lowest row would not show its value in the legend, this is fixed.

changes for: 2012-Aug-16

New Features

  • User Preferences

    The first pass at the rollout of new user preferences lets you set options like how many items to display on a page, what your default graph colors should be and what options you want for graph zoom levels. Go to /user/preferences to set them!

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed DNS error when adding an internal hostname to a template
  • Fixed issue where you could not deactivate histogram collection

changes for: 2012-Aug-14

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Node agent check configuration fixed, in certain cases the UI would pass invalid values to the backend which would then return 0 metrics
  • Infix notation bug fixed, now using the toolbar after typing = will not remove the =

changes for: 2012-Aug-09

Improvements (1)

  • New Agents Page

    The agents (brokers) page has been updated with a new layout to make it easier to scan the list and pick out disconnected brokers or ones that might need an update.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Windows check Get Categories button was not working without first resolving the host.

changes for: 2012-Aug-08

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed annotation issue where if the event completely overlapped a graph it would not be shown
  • Histogram datapoint fix where if you were missing data on the right hand side of the graph, the legend would show values for the last drawn datapoints

changes for: 2012-July-31

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue on NewRelic RPM check where user got a spurious error saying they needed to choose a target.

changes for: 2012-July-27

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Changed "Check Target" button to "Resolve Host" to be more clear on its use
  • Fixed issue where using Resolve Check would lead to the IP and Hostname being used for the check
  • Fixed issue on JSON and Resmon checks where users would get an error about the URL being blank when it was not

changes for: 2012-July-25

Improvements (1)

  • Check Target Button

    Check configuration pages have been updated to no longer do DNS resolutions of targets automatically. Instead we have added a 'Check Target' button you can use to perform the resolution manually, or you can just bypass the button and test the check to use the target you entered.

changes for: 2012-July-23

New Features

  • Host Page Layout Options

    We've added a few new layout options for the hosts page. Grid transforms the page into a grid view, with sorting going from left to right, top to bottom with the host names highlighted in green, yellow, orange or red depending on any alert severities. Compact takes the grid a step further and shows only the host names highlighted in the appropriate color. There is also a full screen mode and settings on how often to update the page.

changes for: 2012-July-20

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Removed limits when loading graphs and beacons for dashboard widgets, so large accounts with thousands of graphs or beacons will see all of them in their widget settings.
  • Fixed a bug in graph rendering that prevented graphs from rendering if a histogram datapoint was disabled.

changes for: 2012-July-13

New Features

  • IMAP Check

    New native check for IMAP services

changes for: 2012-July-05

New Features

  • Broker Contact Group

    From the agents administration tab you can now set a contact group to be notified when a broker becomes disconnected. In that event, all alerts from the broker are silenced until it is reconnected, and the contact group responsible will be sent a single page letting them know it is down.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • ruleset API bug would not allow min or max values of 0
  • Fixed check name editing where if the name was truncated, editing the name would leave the ... on the end

changes for: 2012-June-28

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Copy

    You can now copy a graph via the new copy link added to graphs when in a "grid" view (trending dash, graph list, worksheets, etc). We have also reorganized the links to group actions on the left and links to new places on the right.

changes for: 2012-June-27

New Features

  • Histograms

    Numeric datapoints are now able to be collected as a histogram. Turning this method on will allow you to see your normal averaged data (or derived) in a graph, as well as a heatmap style histogram collected into log-linear buckets.

Improvements (1)

  • Streaming Graphs Now Respect Y Axes

    Streaming graphs were improved. Support was added for the max and min values of y axes, as well as logarithmic y axes.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed issue where you could not edit notes set on certain metrics.
  • Dashboard graphs now auto-refresh properly, keeping themselves updated so you don't have to manually refresh the page to update them.

changes for: 2012-June-25

Improvements (1)

  • Improved Trending Dashboard

    The initial page seen when visiting the Trending section has been improved, using the full width to display the recent graphs and removing the redundant recent graphs list.

changes for: 2012-June-22

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed bug on worksheets, where graph y-axes weren't always rendered when viewing graphs at medium or large size.

changes for: 2012-June-20

New Features

  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Check

    We've added an LDAP check to allow pulling data from LDAP servers.

changes for: 2012-June-18

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Fixed bug on the check display page where the utility panel controls wouldn't work properly if you clicked 'edit check' after viewing the check history.
  • Fixed bug on worksheets, where adding a graph to an existing worksheet resulted in the new graph having extra rows in its legend.
  • Added and fixed the showing & hiding of appropriate 'you have no checks & metrics,' 'you have no dashboards,' etc messages across the application.

changes for: 2012-June-13

New Features

  • Worksheet Graph Panel Speed Improved

    If you had a large number of graphs, the panel to add a new graph to a worksheet would be slow to load and render. This has now been broken up and paginated to greatly improve speed.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed bug that would prevent you from adding graphs to worksheets
  • Fixed bug in ruleset API that would result in no rulesets being returned

changes for: 2012-June-08

New Features

  • Gauge Widget Overhauled

    The dashboard gauge widget has been updated to support a dial visualization, as well as setting of thresholds to show ok, warning and danger statuses

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fault detection dashboard bug would incorrectly report the name if the check had been deleted

changes for: 2012-June-07

New Features

  • New Rules Page

    The entire workflow for creating, editing, and managing rules has been re-imagined. Now rules are created and edited straight on the main Rules page, and the Rule editor has been redesigned for clarity and ease of use.

Improvements (1)

  • Improved Fault Detection Dashboard

    The initial page seen when visiting the Fault Detection (Alerts) section has been improved, using the full width to display the current live alerts. A new filtering system has been implemented to let you easily choose which alerts you want to see, and the filters can be made 'sticky' so they will automatically be applied each time you visit the page. Backend improvements have also been made to reduce load times and improve performance on the page.

changes for: 2012-June-06

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Inconsistency in how NTP reported offset has been resolved. Previously if you have the control protocol on, the value would be in milliseconds, off and it was in seconds. Now offset is always in seconds, and offset_ms is in milliseconds

changes for: 2012-June-01

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue where new text rules could not be created

changes for: 2012-May-31

Improvements (1)

  • Clone Rule Dialog Improved

    The clone ruleset dialog has been widened and changed from 2 column to 1 column to allow for longer metric names. The target the metric is pulled from is also now displayed in the dialog if it is not present in the check name.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue where derivative rules would not properly set the derive type

changes for: 2012-May-18

Improvements (3)

  • Added hover trails to date range pickers.

    After the first click (when using a datepicker to select a date range), you will see 'hover trails' following your mouse to indicate that you need to click again to finish selecting the date range.

  • Added links to graph legends for easy linking to the corresponding checks.

    Added a 'view-check' link to each datapoint row in the graph legend; it appears upon mouseover.

  • Improved the 'My Third Party Tokens' page.

    Reworked the UX of the /user/third-party-tokens page and the token addition process so they're smoother and more inline with the rest of the site.

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Changed the way the legend bg striping is done to improve accuracy for tall legends.
  • Reworked the side-nav tabs to reduce the number of images needed and to improve their design.
  • Fixed a few minor layout bugs.

changes for: 2012-May-08

Improvements (2)

  • Item Names Added to Page Titles

    Names of things like checks, graphs, worksheets and dashboards have been added to the page titles around the site to make recognition of what page you are on and bookmarking easier.

  • New Ruleset API

    The new Ruleset API takes a JSON object that is the definition of the groups to contact and the rules for a metric, this will reduce the number of calls needed and make what the API is doing more clear. Docs can be found here.

changes for: 2012-May-04

Improvements (3)

  • list_metrics API Changes

    list_metrics will now return all metrics for your account, as well as any notes or links you have set for a metric. If check_id is passed it will return just the metrics for that check with values for active metrics

  • Metric Notes API

    Metric notes and links are now able to be set via the set_metric_notes API call

  • Mobile Support

    Various items on the site have been modified to make viewing on a mobile device nicer. Additionally maintenance and acknowledgements have been fixed to allow you to set, modify and cancel them on mobile platforms.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Maintenance API calls added to navigation menu
  • Data point minimum resolution setting for graphs fixed

changes for: 2012-May-02

Improvements (1)

  • Text Metrics Are Rendered in Streaming Graphs

    Updated streaming graphs (using the 'play' button), adding support for rendering streaming text metrics.

Bug Fixes (5)

  • Now you cannot save formulas consisting of only '=' Also, existing formulas of '=' now allow return of raw value when evaluated.
  • Fixed worksheets graph resizing so that it works alongside the new memory-saving method of graph refreshing.
  • Fixed the numeric type dropdown selects beside metric vizualization graphs (on metrics and check display pages).
  • Added URI encoding to metric vizualization graph data retrieval calls (to accommodate metrics whose names contain certain non-word characters).
  • Fixed annotation options menu to watch out for graphs containing composite or guide datapoints and not throw errors (which prevented certain graphs from rendering).

changes for: 2012-Apr-30

Improvements (2)

  • Revised Metric Indicators on Check Display Page

    Enabled metrics are now indicated by a solid dot, available metrics are indicated by a circle

  • add_metric_rule API

    Updated add_metric_rule to support a derive parameter for numeric metric rules that can be set to either derive or counter.

changes for: 2012-Apr-26

Improvements (3)

  • Reduced Graph Memory Usage

    Changed how graphs are refreshed (by reusing HTML canvas elements). This significantly reduces browser memory usage, especially when leaving a graph open for a long period of time.

  • Updated Y Axis Autoformatter

    Changed the way the autoformatter works for the y axes. Now it chooses units based on the axis max, not the highest data value. Prior to this change, if the axis was significantly cropped (with a fixed max), the tick labels would not be appropriate to the axis scale.

  • Graceful Handling of Graphs with Malformed Datapoints

    If metrics are created incorrectly (usually via the API), then added to a graph, the resulting malformed datapoint(s) are handled more gracefully, allowing you to delete or edit the graph.

Bug Fixes (6)

  • Fixed JS errors and added a message when viewing a graph containing no datapoints.
  • Fixed 'existing graph' overlays so they respect fixed y axis maxes & mins.
  • Fixed several bugs in the datapoint formula evaluators.
  • Fixed streaming graphs so they now will play all numeric datapoints, even if they're the same check & metric with different numeric types.
  • Fixed graph nudging, so now if you're inside a text input or textarea on a graph page and you press shift+left or shift+right to select text, it won't nudge the graph date window.
  • list_rules API now reports wait time correctly, docs have been updated

changes for: 2012-Apr-20

Improvements (1)

  • Copy Check Changes All Occurrences of Target

    When copying a check to a new target, the old target will be replaced throughout the configuration

changes for: 2012-Apr-19

Improvements (1)

  • PagerDuty Failover Group

    In the event that we can not contact PagerDuty about an alert, you can now set a failover group that will be contacted in PagerDuty's place

changes for: 2012-Apr-06

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed wildcard (*) searches on various pages to correctly return results

changes for: 2012-Apr-05

Improvements (1)

  • API Changes

    list_checks and list_graphs API calls have been updated to also hand back the check / graph definitions

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Improved page render speed when viewing a check

changes for: 2012-Apr-04

Improvements (1)

  • Google OAuth

    The Google Analytics checks have been upgraded to allow both email / password and OAuth authentication

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed composite datapoints to work correctly when > 26 datapoints are present on a graph

changes for: 2012-Mar-30

Bug Fixes (2)

  • When playing / stopping a streaming graph, the legend values are now cleared. Hovering over the annotation timeline while streaming no longer updates the legend with the non streaming values.
  • Fixed bug in searching where certain terms would not return correct results.

changes for: 2012-Mar-28

New Features

  • HAProxy

    We've added an HAProxy check that parses info from the HAProxy stats interface.

Improvements (1)

  • SMTP

    We have added SASL support and now break apart EHLO repsonses as metrics that can be collected

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed JS error that occurred when creating some new graphs and new dashboard widgets
  • Fixed search bug where searching for items with : in them would cause an error in elasticsearch and we would return 0 results

changes for: 2012-Mar-26

Improvements (1)

  • Websocket Streaming

    We have been using websockets on dashboards since their creation, now we are switching the graph play feature over to using them as well. Firefox users will need to make sure they are using version 11+, Chrome 14+ and Safari 5+

changes for: 2012-Mar-22

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed XHR function that was preventing graphs from rendering in some older versions of Firefox.

changes for: 2012-Mar-20

Improvements (1)

  • SNMP v1

    The SNMP check has been updated to support version 1 in addition to 2c

changes for: 2012-Mar-19

Improvements (1)

  • Annotation API Docs

    Annotation API docs have been published here

changes for: 2012-Mar-14

Bug Fixes (1)

  • UTF8 bugfix that could have resulted in an internal server error on specific pages

changes for: 2012-Mar-12

Improvements (4)

  • New Annotation Shortcut

    In addition to right click + drag to create a new annotation, you can now also use alt + left click + drag

  • Annotation Zoom

    Left click + dragging in the annotation bar will now zoom in on the graph, just like doing the same on the graph itself.

  • Alert Annotations on Individual Lines

    When choosing 'All Alerts', each metric that has an alert will show up on its own line, instead of all on one line.

  • Clone Ruleset Performance Improvement

    The clone ruleset dialog has been improved to be more performant when dealing with large numbers of metrics.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Backend fixes for templates to properly clean up some old checks that were removed so they no longer appear in the UI
  • Fix Unicode support in graph names

changes for: 2012-Feb-28

Improvements (2)

  • Alert Annotation Improvements

    Improved selector for which sevs to include. Severity is included in the description and annotations are color coded based on severity.

  • Annotation Hover

    Hovering in the annotation bar will now update the main graph's legend as you move.

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Fixed JS bug on rule editor.
  • Date picker on alert history page fixed to no longer open to 1969
  • Fixed reordering of the metric selection tree on graph edit pages and improved results

changes for: 2012-Feb-21

New Features

  • Graph Annotations

    Graphing just got even cooler with the addition of annotations. Now you can create custom events via the event manager, or right click and drag on a graph to select a timeframe. Need to mark an outage? Easy. Show when a marketing campaign ran? Simple. The best part is that these events are account wide, so they will display on any graph making correlations that much easier! Check out the blog post here

changes for: 2012-Feb-20

New Features

  • Composite Graph Datapoints

    Fresh from the labs are composite datapoints which allow you to create formulas based on existing graph datapoints, thereby creating a new composite datapoint. When editing a graph you will find them in the 'Graph Actions' menu.

  • Infix Notation for Formulas

    In addition to RPN, you can now use infix notation when creating / editing graph formulas. Just start your formula with an = and the UI will guide you. Help bubbles have been updated with infix as well.

changes for: 2012-Feb-16

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Fixed bug that would not allow you to set a min / max Y axis on graphs
  • Fixed issue where if a check wasn't collecting data, you wouldn't be able to see the 'preview' graphs for its metrics
  • Templates page now highlights the appropriate top nav item

changes for: 2012-Feb-10

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed rule editor to allow negative numeric values to be used.

changes for: 2012-Jan-25

Improvements (1)

  • Improved Searching

    We've rolled out elasticsearch to help improve searching, you should see better results and improved speed on various pages

changes for: 2012-Jan-18

New Features

  • NTP Check

    Check clock skew via NTP services from the perspective of an agent.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fix to templates where an inactive check bundle could in some cases cause an 'internal error'

changes for: 2012-Jan-11

We are excited for the first major release of the new year which brings a lot of improvements and features to our graphing capabilities.

New Features

  • Existing Graph Overlay

    You can now overlay existing graphs on top of others. Our recent improvements in the overlays have made this possible, and now it is easier than ever to correlate events. The graphs have independent axes, but the original graph's are shown by default. When you hover over the overlay tabs for other graphs, the corresponding graphs are highlighted and their axes are then displayed.

Improvements (1)

  • Improved Graph Overlays

    Graph overlays have been improved to give the browser better control over how to display overlapping items. We've also added hover effects: when you hover over an overlay tab, that overlay will be highlighted and the others will be faded out.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed a worksheet bug where preview link would stop working after a new graph was added.

changes for: 2012-Jan-09

New Features

  • Pre-defined MySQL Queries

    The MySQL check has been made even easier with the addition of commonly used queries to select from. Just click the radio button and the query box will be populated for you. The queries currently work for MySQL versions 5.1.12 and above

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Adding new Beacon fixed to create a new row with the proper markup


changes for: 2011-Dec-23

New Features

  • Riak and CouchDB Checks

    Both of these check types use the JSON module to pull statistics from the respective stats APIs on the server, just give them a target!

changes for: 2011-Dec-15

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Various escaping fixes to solve problems with pagination on certain pages as well as metric browsing when creating a new graph

changes for: 2011-Dec-01

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fix to templates where some users would see usage errors when they were under their host limits

changes for: 2011-Dec-01

Bug Fixes (1)

  • If you had been trying to go to a particular page and were asked to login, fixed the redirect upon login to take you where you wanted to go.

changes for: 2011-Nov-30

New Features

  • MongoDB Check

    We've added a MongoDB check that will pull statistics from the /_status JSON ouput. Just point it at your host, the default values are prepopulated for you!

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Alert 'preview' graphs fixed to show derivative values if one is set on the rules

changes for: 2011-Nov-29

Improvements (2)

  • More Space For Table Columns

    We've changed the expandable tables to use a down / up arrow icon, which allows for more room to show details like targets and check names

  • Improved Search Indexing

    Indexing of checks and metrics should now happen immediately upon check creation / modification. Previously this could have been delayed for a few minutes

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Shared graphs when locked to a 'past' timeframe will no longer lose that timeframe upon auto-refresh

changes for: 2011-Nov-22

New Features

  • Template UI

    Templates are now able to be managed via the UI. Read more here

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Nudging

    Holding SHIFT and hitting the left or right arrow key when viewing a graph will 'nudge' the window to the left or right.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Animation when browsing check types has been fixed to avoid 'bounciness'
  • Removing all datapoints from a graph no longer results in a broken graph that can't be removed

changes for: 2011-Nov-17

New Features

  • Metric Notes

    You can now store a note and a link on metrics via the rule editor or in alert details. The notes are useful to leave messages about how to deal with alerts on this metric, and the link can be used to direct your users to an external resource for documentation on how to fix a problem. Additionally, the link will be included in alerts where there is no character limit

changes for: 2011-Nov-07

New Features

  • Acknowledgement and Maintenance Notes

    Now when acknowledging or setting maintenance on an alert / metric you have the ability to set an optional note that others can see if they go to work on the alert and click to modify the acknowledgement or maintenance window.

changes for: 2011-Nov-01

Improvements (1)

  • Apache HTTP Server Status Check

    It has always been possible to extract metrics from an Apache HTTP Server status page with Circonus, now we made it easier by breaking it out into its own check and providing the regular expression to parse the metrics and values.

changes for: 2011-Oct-27

Improvements (1)

  • API Check Bundle Test Mode

    You can now test a check via the API to see what metrics are able to be collected. Just pass test_mode=1 to the add_check_bundle API call

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Fixed issue where adding a map to a dashboard could initially result in it not being saved.
  • Fixed graph stacking issue that would result in incorrectly stacked datapoints when there was more than 1 graph on the page.
  • Minor styling fixes across the site.

changes for: 2011-Oct-21

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed various bugs related to updating check agents and reactivating checks.

changes for: 2011-Oct-20

Improvements (1)

  • New App Header Layout

    We changed the header in the UI to remove a lot of spacing and also to reorganize some items. The fault detection tab has been renamed to alerts. The check / metrics tab has been renamed to data.

changes for: 2011-Oct-18

Improvements (2)

  • Delete Buttons 'Hidden'

    The delete bundle and delete beacon buttons have been moved into a tray that slides open upon hover, hiding them like this should help reduce the reflex to click these buttons without meaning to do so. A confirmation dialog will still confirm you want to delete the item.

  • Enterprise Brokers

    Enterprise / Network Agents have been renamed across the site to Enterprise Brokers. This is to reflect the fact that they are not agents in the traditional sense that require installation on each machine. Billing statements have also been updated as well.

changes for: 2011-Oct-14

New Features

  • Template API

    The new template API allows the creation of service templates that can quickly create checks across hosts and makes setup even easier. Read more here

Improvements (1)

  • Zoom Controls For Preview Graphs

    Preview graphs, those seen when viewing a single metric or an alert, now offer the ability to zoom in and out either by highlighting an area on the graph or using the zoom toolbar.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed error reporting when the system encounters an error updating the metrics a check collects.

changes for: 2011-Oct-13

New Features

  • BizEKG Map Color Picker

    You now have full control over the BizEKG map colors and thresholds via the new color picker on the view page. You can set a default color scheme for your map, or modify it without saving to adjust your current view. The color picker is only available on maps that track 2 metrics, single metric maps do not have color ranges

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed various non-harmful JS bugs in check selection search
  • Fixes to keyboard shortcuts to stop them from activating when typing in text fields

changes for: 2011-Sep-27

New Features

  • Node Agent Check

    The Circonus Node Agent is a lightweight system agent that can export CPU, Memory, Disk, etc. stats from your machines, as well as pretty much anything else you want. It is available on github and has its own check type in Circonus.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed Postgres autovac query to properly return metrics per database

changes for: 2011-Sep-23

New Features

  • Select Your Default Dashboard

    You can now pick any of your custom dashboards, or shared dashboards as your default. When you then click on the Dashboard link, you will be taken to the dashboard of your choosing. You can also always set yourself back to the standard Circonus dashboard.

Improvements (1)

  • Copy a Shared Dashboard on a Modification

    If you attempt to modify a shared dashboard, instead of preventing you, you will be prompted to make a copy for yourself that you can then change at will

changes for: 2011-Sep-22

New Features

  • Hosts Overview Page

    Quickly view all the hosts you are monitoring, how many metrics you are collecting and what alerts have triggered / how many rules you have setup on our new hosts page! It is located in the Checks/Metrics section.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed error when updating agents that in certain cases there would be a JS error and the loading screen would not go away

changes for: 2011-Sep-21

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed permission error when viewing a shared dashboard in fullscreen or blackscreen mode

changes for: 2011-Sep-20

New Features

  • Momentum Check

    Monitor the Momentum MTA via SNMP. We provide some pre-defined OIDs, you provide the target, it is that easy.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Removed leading / trailing spaces in name when copying a dashboard
  • Fixed remove link for unsaved dashboards

changes for: 2011-Sep-16

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed bug on dashboards that could cause a JS error when using a previously configured status widget

changes for: 2011-Sep-13

Improvements (1)

  • Dashboard Sharing with Account

    You now have the option to share a dashboard with everyone in your account, this will cause your dashboard to show up under their list of dashboards and make it easy for them to view it or make a copy of their own

changes for: 2011-Sep-09

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed help bubble for alert wait times

changes for: 2011-Sep-02

Improvements (1)

  • Dashboard Status Widget Supports Multiple Metrics

    The status widget can now support multiple metrics

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixes to font issues on some Linux machines

changes for: 2011-Aug-30

Improvements (1)

  • Check Extended Details

    We have added an 'extended details' panel to more checks. When you are viewing the check details, click on it to show some useful quick info about the check.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed bug in editing an HTTP check with additional headers, url would not display properly
  • Fixes to fullscreen dashboards where some items were not on top of other content

changes for: 2011-Aug-26

Improvements (1)

  • Performance on large metric lists improved

    When rendering more than roughly 500 metrics on a page, the site would become unresponsive. This has been greatly improved.

Bug Fixes (3)

  • pagerduty: template contact group no longer shows as an escalation option
  • Newly added contact groups are not repeated on escalation group selector
  • Fixed functionality of remove link on graph add page

changes for: 2011-Aug-25

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Fixed dashboard context menus to respect updates to underlying data sources
  • Fixed colorpicker bug in graphs that could lead to inconsistent colors
  • Removed stylized checkboxes from some pages to increase performance when rendering

changes for: 2011-Aug-23

New Features

  • PagerDuty Support

    We have added native PagerDuty support to our contact groups. Simply add a PagerDuty contact group, authenticate with PagerDuty, and sit back and watch your alerts flow through us and then to PagerDuty to get all the benefits of both systems.

  • Graph Paging

    When viewing a graph, if you use the comma + period key combination, you will now see 'Page:' controls. These will let you shift the graph timeframe forward and backward by the same timeframe that is currently being viewed.

Improvements (1)

  • Dashboard context menus

    Some dashboard widgets now have right click context menus to perform various actions (like view, edit, etc). These widgets include: Graphs, Maps, Tables, Gauge, Status and List

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Some various style fixes to resolve some unstyled text on the site
  • Fixed star 'usage' indicator when creating a new graph to show up on the first point added

changes for: 2011-Aug-17

New Features

  • HTTPTrap Check

    HTTPTrap is a REST interface to push data into Circonus. It supports JSON formatted data sent over a PUT request to the agent it is configured on. We have a special agent for this purpose, or you can use any private agent.

Improvements (1)

  • Alert History Filter and Export

    You can now filter your alert history page down to a specific timeframe by clicking on our datepicker. We've also added an export button that will export the current 'view' in either Excel or CSV format.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue where you could add a collectd check to agents that could't run it

changes for: 2011-Aug-12

New Features

  • Configurable Dashboards

    You can now create your own dashboard by going to the My Dashboards link from the current dashboard page.

  • BETA: Real Time Analytics

    From the Checks/Metrics section there is a link to 'Beacons'. Beacons allow you to insert a small snippet of JS on your webpage, or parse log files, etc and send the data to our beacon server. You can then write queries through our query editor and view the data in a map or table view. This feature is still in beta and being worked on, but we want our users to try it out and tell us what you think.

Improvements (1)

  • Identify Which Metrics Are On A Graph

    When adding datapoints to a graph, there is now a star indicator beside metrics that are already on the graph. If you hover over the metric name, the tool tip will tell you which 'value types' are added (gauge, derive, counter, etc.). The more value types you add, the more stars are added to indicate how many times the metric appears

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed some navigation issues that could lead to 404 pages.

changes for: 2011-Aug-09

Improvements (2)

  • API: list_rules outputs contact groups

    The list_rules API call now contains an array of contact groups for the given rule. Documentation can be found here

  • Whats New RSS

    This page is now accessible via RSS, just go to

changes for: 2011-Aug-05

Improvements (3)

  • Specify Unit in Graph min/max

    When setting a min or max for a graph, you can now enter a number like 1k and it will convert it to 1000, accepted units are m,k,M,G,T (case sensitive).

  • Graph Save Button

    There is now a Save button when editing a graph, it will tell you when a graph has been saved or is in the process of saving, or if it is unsaved.

  • Graph bytes Math

    A new bytes RPN function has been added to the graph math. It works much like auto, but calculates the bytes in a given number and provides the appropriate suffix.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed API bug that could create the same check on the same agent multiple times
  • Fixed potential timezone bug in shared / embedded graphs

changes for: 2011-Aug-03

New Features

  • Redis Check

    Redis now has a native check, it can be located under Networks -> Misc, or via the search bar

Improvements (3)

  • New Rule Cloning Dialog

    The rule cloning dialog has been greatly improved to make life easier, it is also now accessible from the rules page

  • Graph Export Dialog

    The graph export dialog now sports a drop down of available export intervals, and defaults to 5 mins

  • Navigation Tweaks

    Navigation tabs within Circonus have been shortened and dropped the 'My' prefix

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed tooltip time output on alert history page
  • Fixes to some API calls that were returning 404s

changes for: 2011-July-18

New Features

  • Invoices

    You can now view past and current invoices from your account billing section.

Improvements (1)

  • Account Profile Nav

    Navigation within the account profile has been changed to smaller names and smaller tabs.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed linear regression overlay to show the value of the datapoint as you hover over it.
  • More Internet Explorer rendering fixes for shared graphs.

changes for: 2011-July-21

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Various rendering fixes for viewing shared graphs in IE8
  • Zooming in to a < 5 min window in a graph is now prevented
  • Fixed captcha error when getting accounts on Google Analytics checks

changes for: 2011-July-18

New Features

  • Alert Escalations

    You can now set escalations times and groups in your contact group options. If an alert isn't acknowledged or put into maintenance, we will send it to the next group after the specified timeout

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed graph auto-refresh to no longer refresh when zoomed in or when the end data on the graph isn't the current time
  • More double encoding issues have been cleaned up

changes for: 2011-July-05

New Features

  • New Host Based Pricing

    Our pricing model has changed to host based from metric based. Accounts currently under the metric based pricing will remain at their current price points.

  • Free SMS alerts for domestic US and Canada

    Starting today, SMS alerts sent to US or Canadian numbers are free!

Improvements (1)

  • Logarithmic Graph Y Axes

    You now have the option under your graph toolbox to set your Y Axes to either Linear or Log base X

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue with DNS check where certain configurations would cause an error that would prevent you from testing the check

changes for: 2011-June-27

New Features

  • Collectd

    You've been asking for it, and today it has arrived. Collectd is now supported for accounts using Enterrpise Agents. Due to the nature of how Collectd works it is not supported on the public Circonus agents.

Improvements (1)

  • Enterprise Agent default for non-perspective checks.

    When selecting a non-perspective check, the default agent is now chosen as one of your Enterprise Agents. If your account does not have an Enterprise Agent, the default remains Ashburn, VA.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue where reordering graph datapoints could result in removal of non-numeric datapoints.

changes for: 2011-June-23

New Features

  • Windows Agent

    We are happy to annouce a native windows agent, available here. Install it on your windows machine and use the Windows Agent check to pull all the metrics you ever dreamed of from your Microsoft environment.

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Various double encoding issues have been resolved
  • Fixed bug in graph color picker where the color of the datapoint would not change after changing the value type
  • Fixed various links that were broken when you had not yet created an account

changes for: 2011-June-14

Improvements (1)

  • Graph Refreshing

    Now when a graph refreshes, it doesn't remove the current data until the new data is done being fetched. Additionally the loading indicator has been shrunk and no longer covers the graph

changes for: 2011-June-06

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed issue where when changing metrics, the loading screen would stick on the page

changes for: 2011-May-18

New Features

  • New London, UK Agent

    A new public agent was added in London, start adding your checks to run from the UK!

Bug Fixes (3)

  • Fixed double encoding issue with graph names
  • Improved datapoint title editing on graphs
  • Fixed locked date range on shared and embedded graphs

changes for: 2011-May-11

New Features

  • NRPE Checks

    We can now communicate with NRPE agents already running on your servers, just point the check at the IP and give it a command to run.

Bug Fixes (2)

  • Fixed bug with left yaxis on graphs that could lead to the first character being chopped off.
  • Fixed color picker in graph editing that would not reload the graphs with the right colors until after page refresh.

changes for: 2011-May-10

New Features

  • Graph Date Options

    There is now a "gears" button on pages that contain graphs, in it there is an option to lock the date range on that page to whatever view / range you pick. Doing so will cause that page (or graph) to always open up in the date you last chose for it. The global "sticky date" setting will still be in effect for any page not overriding it with this option.

changes for: 2011-Apr-27

New Features

  • Pre-defined PostgreSQL Queries

    When creating a PostgreSQL check, you have the option to select from a few pre-defined queries. Choosing one will populate the SQL Query field for you, and then from there you can customize it to suit your needs.

changes for: 2011-Apr-25

New Features

  • Verify Alert State

    Alerts now have a "Verify State" button that can be used to tell the system you would like it to double check the state of the alert. This can be used to clear alerts that you believe are no longer a problem. If the system still sees that the alert should be active, it will not clear it.

Improvements (1)

  • JSON format documentation

    The JSON check now has a button to show a dialog explaining how Circonus parses JSON docs.

changes for: 2011-Apr-18

New Features

  • Enhanced Maintenance Dialogs

    The dialogs for creating maintenance windows have been improved to allow you to set windows for multiple priorities at the same time, and create windows up to 60 days in the future.

  • Enhanced Acknowledgement Dialogs

    The acknowledgement dialogs now allow you to set the end time of an acknowledgement to an arbitrary date in the future as well as still letting you select amongst predefined intervals.

  • Alert Reminders

    Contact groups now have a "Group Options" dialog that along with aggregation windows, allows you to set reminders for alerts based on severity.

  • Update Metrics from Check Display Page

    When viewing a check, you now have a "Change Metrics" link which allows you to quickly add and remove metrics from a check, no more need to go through the edit process.

Improvements (1)

  • Legend values on streaming graphs

    When playing a graph you are now able hover over the graph to see the values of the metrics in the legend.

changes for: 2011-Apr-11

Bug Fixes (1)

  • fixed fault detection dashboard to display cleared alerts if we link directly to them (as in an email, AIM or XMPP notification)

changes for: 2011-Apr-08

Bug Fixes (2)

  • fixed various style bugs.
  • fixed issue with copying a Resmon or JSON check where the target would be incorrect if you edit the copied check.

changes for: 2011-Mar-31

Bug Fixes (1)

  • fixed bug with displaying metrics containing the | character

changes for: 2011-Mar-24

Bug Fixes (3)

  • updated graph API to support new derive options.
  • bug with hover over on worksheet graphs not working after new date range selected fixed.
  • bug with changing worksheet graph size and date range selection no longer working fixed.

changes for: 2011-Mar-23

Improvements (1)

  • Improved keyboard shortcuts.

    We've added some new keyboard shortcuts and fixed functionality with others. Current support explained here.

changes for: 2011-Mar-22

New Features

  • Worksheet graph options

    There are now options on a worksheet to change the size of the graphs on the page, as well as show the graph legend on hover.

  • Graph time correlation indicator

    When hovering over a 'thumbnail' graph, you will get a visual indicator of where you are on that graph, as well as the same indicator on all the other graphs on the page at that point in time to make correlation of events easier.

changes for: 2011-Mar-21

Improvements (1)

  • Preview graphs now have all the derivative types as an option

    The drop downs on the preview graphs (found on My Metrics and the check detail pages) now match the derive options you get when editing a full featured graph.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Streaming derivative and counter values (graphs) fixed to stream the derived values

changes for: 2011-Mar-11

Improvements (3)

  • Shared graphs past date range now relative

    If you choose 1w, 2w, 4w, etc. as your date range for a shared graph, the graph will now be relative to the current time each time you view the graph.

  • New metric value types for graphs

    Graph metric values now support gauge, derive or counter of the standard deviation of the set.

  • Same metric with different derived values now allowed multiple times on a graph

    You may now add a metric multiple times to a graph as long as the value (gauge, derive, counter, etc.) is unique for the graph / metric combination.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed bug where updating agents of a check which could result in metrics on a new agent for that check to be marked inactive.

changes for: 2011-Mar-04

New Features

  • Search check names on creation page

    In addition to browsing for a check, the creation page now has a search field that you can type in to find the check you want to create.

  • Filter metrics during check creation

    On the last step of creating a check, you can now search for the metric names you want and the list of metric will be filtered.

changes for: 2011-Feb-23

Improvements (2)

  • Graph zooming visual cue

    added 'crosshair' cursor to indicate when a graph can have it's date range narrowed by zooming (graphs edit & view)

  • Mark currently inactive metrics in graph legends

    Metrics you are no longer collecting are now grayed out and '(inactive)' is added to their label in graph legends

changes for: 2011-Feb-16

New Features

  • Graph date control on Trending Dashboard and My Graphs page

    Control the time frame of all your graphs on the trending dashboard or my graphs page with the new date controls.

  • Search Alert History

    The alert history page now has a search box to make digging through old alerts easier.

Improvements (1)

  • Alert history details

    The details of alerts on the history page have been updated to match the format of the fault detection dashboard.

changes for: 2011-Feb-15

Improvements (1)

  • Visually distinguish active and inactive metrics

    Clearly distinguish active metrics and inactive metrics in the graph creation data panel.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed race condition on check configurations that would present you with an error to enter a target when one was already there.

changes for: 2011-Feb-14

Improvements (2)

  • Improved details on alerts in fault detection dashboard

    Clicking on an alert on the fault detection dashboard now has an improved graph to see the history of the metric as well as a cleaner layout.

  • Account time zone displayed in header

    No more guessing what time zone your times are in. The account time zone is displayed at the top of each page next to your name.

Bug Fixes (3)

  • New lines now properly render if they exist in a value that is shown in a graph legend
  • Check name inline edit fixed to not collapse to a small field
  • Copy check no longer limited to IPv4 addresses

changes for: 2011-Feb-04

New Features

  • Update credit card information

    Users can go to /user/payment to update their credit cards on file with Circonus, or add new cards.

  • Update account billing information

    Account administrators can go to /account/<account_url>/payment to update the credit card that will be used to pay for the account.

Improvements (2)

  • Visual cue for worksheet graph reordering

    When viewing a worksheet, the graph titles now call out that they can be dragged to reorder the graphs.

  • Check configuration ehancements

    Check configuration pages have been restyled in some instances for a cleaner look.

changes for: 2011-Jan-28

New Features

  • Hostname expansion on all checks

    All checks now support entering a hostname for a target, which will then be resolved via DNS to an IPv4 address (if available).

  • Hostname as target

    In addition to expansion to an IP address, targets may now also be a hostname. The agents will resolve the host to an IP when they perform the check, and cache the result based on the DNS TTL.

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed graph colorpicker to not bounce open and closed.

changes for: 2011-Jan-12

The Circonus team is excited for its first release of 2011.

This effort brings several beta features into the general user population.

New Features

  • Data Overlays

    Quickly compare past performance with current data or add statistical regressions to help with planning.

  • New Legends

    Clearer and more concise legend gives better insight into data within your graphs. Data for overlays is auto-correlated and variance indicators are present.

  • Wide Metric Selection Panel

    Choosing metrics for graphs is now given a wide treatment in the user interface, making it much easier to navigate and understand metrics with long names.

Improvements (2)

  • Improved Graph Sharing

    Introduced the ability to lock date ranges and hide the title, legend and X/Y values.

  • Quick Keyboard Graph Zooming

    Holding down . and/or , will alter the Zoom functionality to shift the date range of the graph(s).

Bug Fixes (1)

  • Fixed poor location of vertical markers in zoomed-out graphs.

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Circonus Keyboard Shortcuts

Jump Navigation

Jump to the user documentation.

Application Shortcuts

Show this keyboard help screen.
Close help screens and dialogs.
Focus on any available search field.
Refresh content on the page without reloading the entire page; currently works on graphs, worksheets, and dashboards.

Graph Grid Shortcuts

On a worksheet, hold it down to invert the current legend hover setting.
On “My Graphs” and the “Trending & Analytics Dash,” hold it down to show the legend when hovering over a graph.

Worksheet Shortcuts

Resize current worksheet graphs to “small” size.
(This also works for the Metrics page in grid mode.)
Resize current worksheet graphs to “medium” size.
(This also works for the Metrics page in grid mode.)
Resize current worksheet graphs to “large” size.
(This also works for the Metrics page in grid mode.)

Graph Shortcuts

Hold down to show the date shifting toolbar for modifying the start date. Can be combined with <period>.
Hold down to show the date shifting toolbar for modifying the end date. Can be combined with <comma>.
Nudge the date range for the current graph(s) backward.
Nudge the date range for the current graph(s) forward.
Toggle the display of histogram sparklines (shown upon hovering over a graph when viewing or when on a dashboard).
Hold down to unlock graph hovering datapoint selection, allowing mouse hovering to select nearby datapoints.

Mousewheel & Touchpad Shortcuts

Hold down while scrolling to zoom graphs' Y axes.
Hold down while scrolling to zoom graphs' X axis.
Hold down while scrolling to shift graphs' X axis.
Hold down while scrolling to shift graphs' X axis start dates. Can be combined with <period>.
Hold down while scrolling to shift graphs' X axis end dates. Can be combined with <comma>.